Judge your girl’s sexual performance just by looking at her breasts

The female breasts are considered to be one of the most erotic body parts. That’s why so many brands lure target audiences by slight peek-a-boo of this female body part. The breasts of a woman are not just highly sensitive erogenous zones, which men admire but they can also tell a lot about the owner’s personality.

If you are attracted to a woman and want to know how good sex can be with her, just take a look at the shape of breasts. Following are some tips for gauging a woman’s sexual performance by the shape of her breasts.

Flat chested ladies

 Flat chested ladies (2)

These ladies are intelligent, noble natures, loyal and sharp brained. They usually do not stray after setting their hearts on one man. Love making for them is a way of companionship. However, they lack confidence sometimes for not having perkier breasts. Doggy style sex can stop them from being excessively self conscious and enjoy coitus more.

The ripe mangoes

 The ripe mangoes

Women who have breasts in the shape of ripened mangoes love to enjoy inhibition free sex life. She is a player and can have a romp with more than one man. She’s also generally sneaky by nature and likes to hide secrets and tease her lovers.

Small, round and firm breasts

 Kiss the shoulder

She is naïve and petite. She is your eager student and wants to please you in bed. So, if you have got a petite diva think yourself to be lucky. She gets nervous easily but once you get her in the mood she will go to any extent for satisfying your carnal desires. These ladies also play the role of submissive quite well in a BDSM relationship. Even if it is a one night stand you are looking for she will do everything possible to give you a good time.

Round and well formed

Round and well formed

The busty women have great sexual skills and she is always ready for some adventure in the bed. She prefers matured and skilled lovers. If you can satisfy her carnal desires she will stay loyal to you for a lifetime. It takes a whole lot of foreplay to excite her and help her reach orgasms.

Pear shaped breasts

 Pear shaped breasts

The women with pear shaped breasts are often fiercely independent and can easily attract men with her pointy mounds. She is very sexual and likes to initiate sex. She may prefer the cow-girl and reverse cowgirl poses better than any other sexual poses.

The breasts of a woman can reveal a lot about her sexual performance and nature. A woman’s nature can help you find ways to arouse her during sexual intimacy.

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