Kamasutra Diary – The Proposal sex position needs little practice, good aim!

The Proposal Position is the position of equals, meaning thereby that both the male and female partner are exactly in the same position. It is a highly intimate sex position and excellent one to bring more closeness amongst the couples. In this position, both the partners are facing each other, bended on their one common knee, left or right one. By bending the same knees both the partners when facing each other and hugging each other their opposite knees will be bending, and it may look like that one partner is proposing to the other. The lovemaking is gentle in this position, as both the partners cannot stroke fast and for the longer duration. But this very intimate position wherein both the partners can caress each other, kissing, licking and touching each other’s hips during the lovemaking.


Candle Sex position explained


To begin the lovemaking in this position, both the partners sit on their knees on the bed facing each other; close enough so that they can hug. Then both the partners raise their respective one knee, left or the right one, so that the one thigh is parallel to the surface or the bed whose feet are flat on the ground and another leg is outside of the other partners legs. After getting on their respective knees and hugging each other, male penetrates the female and then start stroking slowly and gently. During the lovemaking, it looks that both partners are proposing to each other but with the difference that both partners are joined together as if proposal have already been accepted. During the lovemaking, both partners can hold each other’s waist to help in the stroking. The actual sex is slow in this position and speeding up the stroking can break the coital.


 How it ensures maximum satisfaction?


This position ensures intimate sex between the partners and brings more closeness between the couples. As far as the sexual satisfaction is concerned, couples can stimulate each other’s pubic area, whereas female can touch the male genitals during the lovemaking and male partner can stimulate the clitoris. During lovemaking, the hands of both partners are free so they can use them to touch each other caress. Candle sex position is good one for lip locking too.


Precautions, if any


Only precaution is that partners should alter the bended legs if sex on one bended leg is uncomfortable after some time. It is difficult of have anal sex in this position.



Very good position on the knees and it is the position of equals as female and male partners are at par as far as the role-playing is concerned during the lovemaking. It rates high on the intimacy levels amongst the couples. Low on penetration angles and depth, and also low on g-spot stimulation.

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