Kamasutra tricks to pleasure a woman

An orgasm is difficult to achieve for the female, so here is a made-easy trick. He lies on top and enters her; she crosses her legs so that her ankles are on his calves and they rock together. This enables the clitoris to be rubbed up and down and thereby greatly increases the chances of having an orgasm. There is nothing as wonderful as having more than one places stimulated at the same time. This means that while he is fingering her, he can alternately suckles at each breast, kiss, tweak the nipples while rubbing tongues and more.

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Playing with his nipples and penis at the same time also helps men to achieve better erections and more enjoyment from sex. Rubbing the belly might seem a bit too much like treating her as a pet but it is a surprisingly effective technique. The stimulation of the hand on the belly causes the uterus to spew more fluids thereby making the ejaculation an explosion of fluids and desire. Therefore, when he is in her, and she is just about to ejaculate he should place his hands on her abdomen just above her pubic bone and rub in a circular motion applying gentle pressure. Her orgasm will take her to the stars and make the earth shake.

Rubbing the G-Spot is one of the fastest ways of making the woman ejaculate. The G-Spot is a nub of sensitive nerve endings inside the vagina and they are tremendously effective if stimulated properly. So she gets on top and pushes the erect penis inside her vagina at an angle so that he can touch the G-Spot with his penis. She controls the rhythm of the cycle as he moves a hand down to rub her clitoris at the same time. This position is when he lies back and enjoys himself while the woman bounces and writhes with pleasure on top of him is one of the most effective ways to make her orgasm and to provide him with pleasure and satisfaction.

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There are muscles inside her vagina that can be stimulated and put into action in a devastatingly erotic way during sex. She will need to do some Kegel exercises, getting the muscles to garner strength and flexibility. Then when he is in her, she can squeeze and clench the muscles of her vagina to put alternate pressure on his penis squeezing, rolling, pressing and releasing. It will drive him to new heights of pleasure and make him thoroughly devoted to her for the pleasure she gives him. This position can be done with either partner on top, or even sideways.

Men are quickly tired after sex, and once they have ejaculated, it takes them a while to get the penis erect and functional again. There is a trick however mentioned in the Kama sutra that can give him multiple orgasms just as she can if penetrated properly. When he is about to ejaculate she should find the space between the testicles and the anus called the perineum and press down on it hard. The man will ejaculate but will not lose his erection nor spew forth any semen. It might be a little awkward and difficult to get this position right, but if done correctly it offers endless possibilities of sex, with a perpetually erect penis that can be used again and again without waiting for erotic stimuli.

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This is a position where he has all the strength and the power and she is a woman waiting to be penetrated. It is very submissive for her and very erotic for both as the position offers excellent views of the ongoing intercourse. She lies on her back with her knees drawn up on her chest and he kneels in front of her. She puts her feet up on his chest and holds his thighs to maintain balance. The penetration is not deep but it is hard, and it stimulates the upper part of the inner lips of the vagina which is generally ignored in normal intercourse. In other words, brand new nerve endings experience all too old sensations and pleasure.

The prostate is for him what G-Spot is for her but getting there is a little tricky. When he is erect, during a blowjob for example a lubricated finger pushed up his anus will make him giddy with pleasure. Some men have a phobia about having their anuses touched, so asking beforehand is always better.

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