Keep the flame of romance blazing for a healthy sex life after marriage

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Lack of effort is the most common cause why couples have less sex after marriage. If you want your marriage to work then you have to make efforts for initiating sex and rekindling the romance in your relationship. Relationship between couples is like a plant, and like a plant it needs regular nurturing.

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Solve the emotional issues Resentments and anger towards your partners are usually deep rooted weeds that need to be uprooted completely. You must analyze your attitude and behavior towards your partner and the daily routine. How much time do you devote exclusively for your partner? What do you two talk mostly about? How well do you know what’s going on in his life? Answer these questions to find out the present status of your relationship and find out all the root causes of resentment between you. Find a convenient time, make his favorite dinner and start talking about your findings. Do not accuse your partner but just assure them of your affection and desire to get out of the rut. Stop holding grudges. Remember we all are mortals and prone to follies.

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Gradual change in lifestyle Sex becomes scarcer after marriage because our priorities change and responsibilities increase. Despite numerous household chores to be done, you should learn to unwind and make time for intimacy. Get sex out of your bedroom and take it to the kitchen or living room. Sneaky sex behind the back of the children, in-between chores can be as much fun as sex in your teenager days. Make changes in your daily life and create together times. Go for a movie date night and dine at restaurants while the baby sitter takes care of the kids.


Bring back the affection Do you remember when you uttered ‘I love you’ last time for her? Demonstration of affection through gifts, words and touches is necessary for rekindling the romance in your sexless marriage. Romance leads to better sex life and more pleasurable intercourse. Hold hands, go for strolls and have icecream, hug more often to make your partner feel loved and secure. Don’t look at sex as a chore. Revive the emotions that made you a couple on the firsthand. Bringing back romance can also reignite the passion in the bedroom.]]>

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