Know the Ins and Outs of Padlock Position

In 400 BC the Indians were vibrant civilized people. People that lived in the Metropolis of this civilization were no fewer decadents or debauched than the Roman Patricians, whose tales of sexual orgies you are familiar with. Courtesans were highly respected and adored. They were highly learned women, skilled in dance and music and entertaining guests who came to their places for an evening of entertainment. Vatsayana was one of these citizens; who wrote a book called the Kama sutra. One of the positions mentioned in the Kama sutra is the Padlock position.

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The padlock position explained

The Padlock position is a relatively simple position that can be performed by almost anybody. It is a position where the man stands and the woman sits and control of rhythm rests in the hands of both parties. To be in the padlock position you have to sit on the edge of a table, a desk a bed, a kitchen cabinet or a washing machine. Perched on the edge of the table you spread your legs. After sufficient foreplay when you and your partner are aroused, that is, he is hard and you are wet, you take his turgid penis and insert it into your vagina. Then you lean back, arms placed behind you to support yourself. When he has penetrated you to your satisfaction you put your legs around his hips and draw him close to you, preferably putting your feet under the curve of his buttocks and thus locking him into position; hence the name Padlock position. He can either put his arms around your hips to regulate his thrusts or use them to stimulate your breasts and nipples.


The Padlock position guarantees absolute satisfaction for you and him. Since your legs are spread wide apart he can penetrate to the maximum depth. He can thrust harder without the fear of slipping out when he pulls back as your legs are locked around his hip, securing him in place. If you are doing this on a kitchen cabinet you can reach up to hold the utensil rod from which ladles are hung, giving yourself more lift. If you are doing this on top of a washing machine, you can set it to work and then let the vibrations and gyrations of the washing machine add to the thrill of your copulation. For kinky sex you can try inserting his penis into your anus, in which case you will have to lean back a little further. For those who truly love adventure, you can tell him to put his penis in both holes alternately!

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The surface must be smooth so that the sensitive skin of your buttocks is not rubbed raw by friction. The object must be sturdy enough to withstand the repeated thrusting and jerking of you and your partner. If his penis is exceptionally big or thick you must wait for sufficient foreplay so that your vagina is lubricated. If you are doing it anally you must use a KY jelly or some other substance to ease the passage of his penis into your anus.


Padlock position is easy, economical and efficient. The next time you catch your husband looking at another woman, you drag him by his ear to the laundry room, set the washing machine to full spin and rinse, and Padlock him into understanding that you are more than enough woman for him.

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