Lesbian sex guide when getting intimate the first time

Lesbians can have a wonderful intimate time.For all those involved, it’s fitting to have a fair idea of how to have sex for the first time, or what are the best positions to enjoy the most intimate time with your partner. Let’s start by learning what to do when you’re having sex with your lady partner for the first time and understand the best position you can try to get bold and wild.

Communicate for a better experience

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Just because only two ladies are involved, it doesn’t mean you cannot talk with each other to make yourselves comfortable. If both you ladies want to feel good, you must indicate to each other by words, physical response or by sounds to what is working and what’s not. Talk to each other without hesitation to ensure you are feeling what you want to with your ‘partner de beautiful.’

Indulge in foreplay

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There are a lot of things that you can do to build up the intimacy. Those boobs and the earlobes are her weakness. Playing with these body parts or even rubbing your bodies against each other at places can get you lubed up before the vaginal penetration (finger or dildo).

Sex for ecstasy


When you are in for lesbian sex for the first time, after the buildup you should be ready for the kill. You can start by fingering your partner, begin with the index finger most gently and then bring in the next finger and then the next, depending on the partner’s response. Be nice and gentle, do not hurt her with your nails. This is also the case when you’re using the dildo. Be nice and easy on her genitals.

Mind-Blowing Lesbian Sex Position

Sweet woman emotions

Variety is the spice of life, and lots of amazing positions that you can try help you enjoy maximum contact and orgasm most easily. One of our favorite is reclining.

One of you lie down flat on the bed, with some pillows below the back. Let the partner sneak in between your legs. This is the best position since it works for almost all activities. Sitting between the legs the partner can finger you, use a vibrator or dildo or even lie on the stomach to go down on you or reach out to your breasts or ears.

Lesbian sex involves a lot of possibilities for guaranteed pleasure. Sticking the hand down your partner’s pant and up her canal may be your first basic idea, but there are many magical things that a girl can please another girl with.

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