Lessons on intimacy that no one will give you

Unless you start doing it you will not know all the things there is to know about sex. But, there are some facts that a novice must know before making plans for the first time. Sexual taboos and misconceptions can very well prevent someone from having a normal and fulfilling sex life.

Your more experienced friends will not tell you about their sexual mishaps, disappointments and embarrassments. They will only paint a rosy picture for you and that’s very misleading. Let’s find out some truths about sex and intimacy that no one bothers to tell you about.

First time it can feel odd and dissatisfying

 slightly embarrassed man

If you are inexperienced man doing it with an inexperienced woman then chances are that the first time you will be nervous, excited and slightly embarrassed. No amount of planning and dreaming can reduce the awkwardness of first time sex. The best thing you can do is carry a condom and go with the flow. With practice perfection will come.

You may or may not match

 perfect for sex

The body type and the size of sexual organs will determine if two people are perfect match for sex or not. Sometimes couples part ways because they are sexually mismatched. The level of libido also plays a role in this. A person’s sexual identity can be totally different from their regular personality. Be ready to encounter a different aspect of your partner in the bedroom.

It can get dirty and stinky

 It can get dirty

Not following all the rules of hygiene can land you on a very embarrassing ground during sex. But there are also unavoidable things that can put you off. Vaginal fart or queefs is one of such things. People also fart during sex as they sometimes lose control. Peeing is not uncommon among women who have a weak bladder. First time you have sex it can bleed. Do not worry as the bleeding will stop and you will be fine. Just cleanse yourself and relax.

You can have sex without vaginal penetration

 intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

Yes, anal and oral sexes are not just props but sexual activities that can lead to gratification. Do away with any taboo that is preventing you from trying out these exciting forms of sex. Also you should know that women can reach orgasm by stimulating their clitoris on their own. The same sex health cautions are applicable on same sex couples and it is advisable to use condoms for oral sex.

There are lots of things that remain untold about sexual relationships. Learn to accept the odd truths about sex so that you can enjoy it without any inhibitions.

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