How to Make a Positive First Impression on Your Date’s Parents

Though a lot of people don’t like it but sooner or later the day comes when your partner says that he or she wants you to get acquainted with her or his parents. This idea may make you nervous but there is no chance for you to avoid the meeting if your plans as for your girlfriend or boyfriend are serious. The worst thing to do in this situation is to refuse and to make excuses why you are not able to come to her or his parents’ place on the appointed day. It’s silly and behaving like that you risk spoiling your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

What you should do is to calm down and get prepared for the visit properly because as they say first impressions count. Right now you might be wondering what must be done to achieve this purpose. In this article we have gathered some tips which can help you in your preparation. They will be especially of great assistance to you if you are a guy dating one of hot Russian wife.

Find out the most important information

Problems with mother-in-law

 If you want to make a good impression on your date’s parents or even to charm them you should gather some information about them. For example, you better know their likes and dislikes, whether they are divorced or not, what their preferences are, what they are interested in, etc. While, on the one hand, it will help you avoid touchy subjects and being put in an awkward position, on the other hand, you will definitely know what things you should concentrate your attention on to please her or his parents.

Follow rules of etiquette 

Following rules of etiquette is crucially important when you are at your date’s parents’ house. Although you can be so close to your future other half that you can allow yourself to ignore a couple of them when you are alone together but such a behavior will be totally inappropriate while visiting your partner’s parents. Even such common things like saying ‘thank you’, ‘you are welcome’ or ‘please’ will do you credit. Besides, even if you are a mobile phone addict staring at it all the time isn’t a very good idea. Put it somewhere as far from you as possible and try to concentrate on the people you are communicating with at the moment.

Bringing a gift will contribute to your positive image

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When on a visit, people usually bring something with them for the hosts. It can be flowers, a bottle of wine, chocolate, etc. But these things are commonplace. Why not to try to be original? Don’t be lazy to ask your partner about his or her parents’ hobbies or preferences and buy something which will surprise them and make them happy. That way you will show that you really care about their opinion and you are very attentive to other people’s needs.

Besides, if we are speaking about being attentive, a very nice thing to do is to offer your help with anything. Your date’s mother will be charmed by this simple gesture of yours.


People say that smile is one of the main keys which can unlock almost every heart. It’s really true because your smile helps surrounding people calm down and experience positive emotions however nervous or afraid they are. From time to time you can say something witty just to make the atmosphere more relaxed and make people smile back at you. That way your communication will go free and easy.

Be yourself

There is no need to pretend to impress your date’s parents. Remember that they are much older, more experienced and wiser than you are and they will feel your lies at once. Besides, don’t forget that children are their parents’ reflection in some way. So if your future other half loves you for who you are then you have all the chances to be liked by her parents without playing the role of a contemporary hero saving the world.

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