Misconceptions and reality about painful sex in women

Sex is an important part of a woman’s life. Sex is an act, enjoyment, pleasure and thrill. But painful sex could make a woman afraid of sex and can also result in loss of libido. Pain while having sex is a very common problem and it could be caused by various reasons. The reasons vary from physical to psychological. The main physical problems are followings.



This is caused by the fear of getting hurt while having intercourse. It’s the spasm of the vaginal muscles which is related to this problem. The pain could be superficial or deep. There are also other reasons like restricted upbringing which make them think sex as a nasty, dirty and a painful act. They believe in the concept that vagina is narrow and it will cause pain while having sex eventually.

A bad experience of first time sex or sexual abuse or childhood bad experiences can cause vaginismus. A previous history of vaginal infection or an uneasy with your partner also can be the reason of this problem.


Genital warts also cause a lot of pain while having intercourse. One must seek medical advice to cure the problem properly before involving herself in love making to ensure safety of herself and her partner. Some women think that the penis of their partner is too big.  It’s a completely wrong thinking as after arousal, the vaginal muscle stretches itself which increases the depth of vagina to inches thereby enabling a woman to have sex with any length of penis.

Lack of lubrication can lead to painful sex as well as uneasiness while having sex. Proper lubrication helps better penetration and help obtain great pleasure while love making.


The psychology also plays a great part in painful sex; most of the time woman mentally prepares herself for a pain that would never happen. To resist this pain, they squeeze up the vaginal muscle and it results in pain. But does this pain always cause disappointment? Well in a recent survey many woman admitted that they enjoy sexual pain to an extent. As pain bring the partner more close to them. But still if one finds vaginal pain more than usual even when not having sex. They should get medical attention and proper diagnostics. And remember painful sex can be cured in most of cases with better knowledge about sex and removing the doubts.

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