Modern sex terms everyone should be familiar with

Whether you just came out of a long relationship and are looking to hook up with someone new or are happy with your partner of decades and want to spice up things in the bedroom, an updated knowledge of “what the kids are calling it now” prevents you from feeling like a relic in a fast-paced world. Of course, most grownups wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) know what “the kids are called these days” though a knowledge of frequently used sex terms helps keep thing fresh with steady long term partners and avoid embarrassment in front of newer ones.

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1. The corkscrew

Older generations would remember this one as a variation of the reverse cowgirl but the term today is used to describe the act of a partner inserting two of their digits back and forth into the vagina while slightly twisting the wrist back and forth. And no, you shouldn’t try to actually simulate the movement of actual corkscrews as that can be painful for your partner and incredibly hard to do for you.

2. The high drive

The high drive is created to stimulate first penetration by pulling the fully erect member completely out of the crevice in question and then returning it back in via a single plunge. To avoid making this uncomfortable and painful, both partners need to be fully lubricated which is why it is best practiced in the middle of a session and not at the start.

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3. The Mork

The Mork basically involves a partner creating a Vulcan salute with their hands and then using it to penetrate the vagina and the anus simultaneously. This maneuver too requires both partners to be adequately lubricated for it to be any fun for either.

4. Rimming

Rimming is a maneuver taken from oral sex which involved teasing the member or vulva with the tip of the tongue. However, in the modern context, it is performed on the anus, so you really shouldn’t consent to it unless you really know what it involves you doing.

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5. A Sailor’s Cup of Tea

The phrase a “sailor’s cup of tea” is a request for anal sex. Once again, unless you know what it is, you shouldn’t agree to participate in it.

6. Motor boating

Motor boating is the act of a person planting their face in between the breasts of their partner, shaking their face back and forth and making funny blowy noises. It’s a fun act and not so much a sexual one but it really does have a lot of potential to be misunderstood by noobs or people who aren’t in touch with pop culture.

7. Blow a load

This term basically refers to cumming. If a guy tells you he’s about to “blow a load” or “blow it”, he is on the verge of ejaculating.

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