All you need to know about the ‘Kama Sutra Massage’

Sex is something that drains out all of your stress, makes you and your mate feel contented and get lost in each other’s warmth completely. Kama Sutra is the best option to enlighten your desire with the perfect mood, and Kama sutra massage is better described as a foreplay technique to add up different dimension for your special moments. It also has significance, which is to make your partner feel better and aroused sexually. As the objective of having sex is not only having pleasure for yourself, but also to ignite your partner. It’s important that you do so because it affects greatly and influences someone’s emotions and will help you get closer to your beloved.

Kama sutra massage is ideal for turning your foreplay fantasies into reality

Why this message is ideal

The Kama sutra massage is ideal for turning your foreplay fantasies into reality. But it should be done step by step to achieve optimum results. First thing is the preparation. What you need to do is to set the mood for your partner who is willing to cooperate and enjoy. Oil massage is a great thing that can add not only to mood but also help you rid your fatigue of. Doing massage at a place away from noise and daily struggling factor will be very soothing – both mentally and psychically for you and to your partner. The massage oil can cause stains so you better choose a mat or rag for massaging. First you should warm up the oil little as it will make your partner feel better. Rub it in your palm gently. Ask your partner to undress himself/herself, if she/he answers in affirmation only then you should do it. Arrange some towel if your partner does not feels completely comfortable while being naked. You should ask where they want the massage as they might want special care for sensitive areas of their body.

Things to consider before initiation sex

What to consider before initiation

Before starting the massage you should say few important things to your partner, like if she/he feels uncomfortable at any point he/she can ask you to stop or try something else. If they have any issue regarding covering their body or exposing only few essential parts. Remember that you are giving a massage to make your partner feel great and relaxed. So be courteous, caring and sensuous.

Process of message to churn the mood

Process of message to churn the mood

The next step is beginning the massage. Start the massage with neck to the shoulder, soothing firm strokes at first then changing the pressure and speed accordingly. Extend the massage to the back and arms. This will make him/her relax. Start rubbing the back with gentle stroke and stop it before the butt. Now take each of the hands and slowly massage from the upper arm to the each of the fingertips. Remember to avoid the sexual portion of your partner unless he/she asks you to do so. Repeat the steps to ensure complete satisfaction of your partner. After the massage, the extra oil should be taken off carefully, as the oil can cause slippery surface which can cause an accident. Best way to avoid this is to take a shower which will give a great after effects as well as remove the extra oil from the body.

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