New Research Says Losing Your Job Might Help Your Sex Life

Previously, men who lost their jobs were depressed and frustrated at home, in turn not giving much time to their wives. A new research shows a different result when you compare today with yester years. Researchers have proved that people who have more money are less prone to sex. This is better termed as the “More Money, Less Sex” effect. This article is for people who would like a little excitement in their room with their partners.


It has been seen that in the US people who have lost their jobs are more obsessed with sex. Active sex gives one mental relief and reduces the anxiety and stress which one faces while losing a job. Losing their job gives men more time to spend with their wives at home. This is the time when they can utilize their time fully at home with their children in school.

Another advantage for a person who has lost his job is that he does not have to worry about the workplace tensions or the continuous naggings of his boss. He can spend his time tension free. It gives him the liberty to rest at home, converse with his wife, and go out for a long drive, or shopping or watching a movie.


People who have more money and more ambitions do not have much time to interact with their wives. They are more concerned about their career and jobs or business.

Due to their obsession with work and career, they would not get sudden leaves even if they wish to. This does not mean that you quit your job and sit at home, but taking a long break after some time really works wonders for you.


It ha also been perceived that active sex lives usually diminish with the increase in age. There are numerous young couple who are dissatisfied with their sex lives because they always complain that their spouses do not give them enough time at home. Though they have lots of money, they do not have a satisfied sex life.

So if you want a change in your boring and monotonous life, take a break from your job, and rest at home for a while. Have a freaking sex life and then you can go back your work again. There would be a time when you would require that money again for a great life ahead. Your wife would surely be surprised at the change!

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