Obese women cannot enjoy as much sex as cancer survivors

Obesity is nothing less than a curse. Living with this curse is not just difficult but also painful in many aspects. Obesity prevents people from leading a normal life. They are not able to enjoy normal things or perform normal activities that others perform throughout the day. Even their conjugal life is affected by obesity. Sex is a main part of a couple’s life and we cannot deny this to be a fact.



Obese people do not get as much satisfaction from sexual intercourse as the normal people do. Lack of sexual satisfaction can make them irritable and more prone to overeating. As a result, they are not able to reduce weight and get back to their normal shape. The obese women are the most badly affected of the lot. Scientific studies show that they score even lower than the cancer survivors do, when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

A research team from the Duke University has revealed that according to their survey obese women are unable to enjoy sex as much as their male counterparts do. Surprisingly even the cancer survivors can enjoy sex more than obese women. This may have to do with negative body image and hormonal imbalance. Obesity is a slow killer.

It may lead to heart block, renal failure and many other chronic diseases. Chronic diseases like diabetes can reduce the sexual desires. Obese women cannot derive pleasure from fornication and this prevents them from leading a happy conjugal life.

The researchers have surveyed 134 obese women and 91 obese men to understand how much they enjoy sex and which group enjoy it more. The participants were asked many questions about their sex life, sexual desires, arousal, number of orgasms and different types of sexual problems. According to Dr. Ostbye, obese women are unable to enjoy sex and the quality of their sex life is as good as that of the obese men.

Other research surveys have shown that women enjoy having sex only when they have a positive self-image in their mind. Obese women suffer from inferiority complex and most of them feel acutely self-conscious during sex. These may be some of the reasons for obese women having a less satisfying sex life than the cancer survivors, who have to go through chemotherapies.


Obesity can reduce the enjoyment of sex and makes life miserable for both men and women. It is the cause behind different types of sexual disorders.

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