Olivia Munn poses nude for PETA

olivia peta
Here’s Olivia Munn posing totally nude for PETA‘s “Boycott The Circus” ad to raise awareness about the cruelties inflicted on elephants used in circuses. I do have a soft corner for these wild animals, but I just fail to see how featuring a nude Olivia Munn in this ad is going to help these elephants. Anyway, the best way to decipher any PETA ad is to bifurcate it into two and read both the embedded messages separately. So here we are –

Message #1: We definitely need to do something about these elephants.
Message #2: Olivia Munn looks freaking hot without any clothes on!

Hit the jump for the video of Olivia Munn’s exclusive interview for PETA.

Olivia Munn’s Exclusive Interview for PETA

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