Oral Sex isn’t the Only Way to please your Partner!

One of the top most ways of enjoying sex is to get a good tease out of each other. Maybe fingering her a little while the two of you have just woken up or simply digging into his nuts for a bit, early morning….. This will set the pace for the day and you’ll both be aware of each other’s sexual needs as soon as you have a chance! Sometimes, watching porn in a language that you don’t understand or watching a kind of porn, you have never watched before can ensure that you get a great kick-start.

Another great way of teasing each other is asking your partner their tastes in men or women…. For instance, she might like Scottish or Irish men and you might like sun-dressed women…. A conversation like this can be quite teasing! Maybe, more teasing than oral sex!

Teasing is an art – An informative art at that!

Teasing gives you the freedom to explore your partnerTeasing gives you the freedom to explore your partner and know them more intensely; not just on a sexual level but on a personal level too. Not only that but teasing also helps you question yourself and your actions. Thus, it definitely has more uses than one can count! Teasing is a meaningful process wherein you might come to know of new ways of pleasuring your partner. At the same time, you might also come to know of ways in which you have been pleasuring them incorrectly. Human interaction can’t get better than teasing the wits out of each other!

The Tips of the G-Spot!

Well, enjoying sex isn’t all about intercourse, it is a lot more than that! Moreover, more time goes into foreplay than into actual intercourse. There are more than enough ways to tease and pleasure your partner before getting to it. Like it or not, no expert can claim to know it all! For, each individual has different needs and feels pleasured in different ways. However, one thing all women have in common is the ‘G’ spot and once you’ve found that, it should be easy!  So, go on, find the G spot and pleasure it like there’s no tomorrow!

Reading to Each Other Whilst Completely Naked!

Reading to Each Other Whilst Completely NakedThis is another level of thrill and adventure! Sooner or later, you’ll stop listening and be turned on like a maniac! Try it out!! Moreover, it looks endearingly sexy… oh, the sight of your partner, fully naked, engrossed in a book! You see, there is more to sex than just the union of two bodies; it has to have chemistry, an emotional connection, or else, it will simply go nowhere. After all, reading to each other naked is just so hot! Take your time, read, take this slow and eventually, you’ll find a burning passion which until now was non-existent!

Oral Sex Works and that’s Not News to Anyone!

Make the letters of your partner’s name with your tongue on their pussy! See if they don’t feel on top of the world! Of course, oral sex is best had at a private place and in your most comfortable position! It will remedy the boredom like nothing. However, the men might have to deal with quick ejaculation because it turns you on like crazy! So, go home, lay your partner down and drive those nuts! Watch how your boring sex life becomes interesting overnight! Oral sex is the takeaway sex lesson of all times!

Play the Stripping Game – It is Crazy Fun!

Play the Stripping Game It is informative and brings out the sexual fervor in you! It also helps you explore your partner better. Most importantly, it builds up to the end rather than jumping right to it. You have to search for answers, you have to know, you have to tell or else, it is all useless! Now, this game can create issues and cause a fight if not played in the right spirit. Thus, you should remember that! Help your partner get better as a person and improve each other’s sex drive. Moreover, for all you know, you people might sit and discuss political and social issues rather than have sex. Well, this ‘talk’ helps build as much connection as the sex does, so don’t worry about it!

Thus, slowly but surely, lean into each other and find the ‘Josh!’

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