Playful sex moves and tricks to make your bedroom life special

The same missionary style every night can kill your sex life. Routine work is not liked by anybody and the same is true for routine sex. You should try something different in the bedroom, once in a while, to surprise your partner. Get out of your comfort zone or else sex will become a chore similar to washing the clothes or cleaning the kitchen. A couple should have special sex at least twice in a month.


Mark the dates on the calendar and keep yourself free for an extra special romp night at home. Turn of the television and switch off the cell phone so that no one or nothing can disturb you. Special sex moves and naughty tricks should not be used on a daily basis because then they will become boring for you. Do not let your partner get accustomed to the special sexual favors you shower on them. Let them crave for your sexy siren avatar so that their passion increases in leaps and bounds.

Bondage sex is a great way of making your sex life better than the movie stars. Make your man tie you up to the bedpost with sexy handcuffs or his tie. You will be the passive participant and your man will do most of the work. Tell him to form a V shape with two of his fingers and massage the clitoris from both sides.


Instead of an up and down motion ask him to give you an oral in a side-to-side motion. Another great way of spicing up your sex life is to have sex in new parts of the house. Use the TV room for sex or even the kitchen counter. Kneel on the couch of the drawing room and ask him to insert his penis from behind. Let him stand and raise one leg on the couch’s side rest.

Masturbate in front of him and play with yourself before the two of you go out for a movie date night. He will be dying to drive you back home and showing you some good time. Try the good old hand job occasionally even if you two have been enjoying intercourse for a long time now.

Walk on tiptoes and unzip his jeans while he is busy talking on phone. Start manhandling his package without giving him the time to gasp. It is fun and invigorating. Make a circle with your thumb and pointer and hold the base of his penis. Move the ring upwards in a firm and tight motion. This is called pleasure at its best.


Do not let your sex life become dull and boring. Allot time for special sex and explore your boundaries. Indulge in role playing, bondage and seduction for getting a new lease of sex life.

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