Practical aspect of the Kama sutra

The practical aspect of Kama sutra is divided into two parts. One deals with tantra whereas the other deals with different kinds of postures.The second part play an important role. Since time immemorial, a man and woman have been created to unite with each other and drown themselves in the ocean of love. This is a continuous and inevitable process. There are numerous ways in which two couples unite with each other. Vatsyayan has described the same in his Kama Sutra.

Kama sutra is divided into two types, Tantra and Avap

Tantra and Avap

Kama sutra is divided into two types, Tantra and Avap. They include fondling and embracing each other that arouses both for sexual intercourse. This is Tantra. The quality to attract the opposite sex towards you is known as Avap.This technique is discussed elaborately in the third fourth and sixth sections of the Kama sutra.

The Faults

Vatsyanan emphasised on the fact that sexual urge and sexual pleasure should not arise initially. It should gradually arise out of love and respect for your partner. Sexual behaviour is considered to be against religion and wealth and those who give sex a priority usually fall into bad company, bad habits and impurity. People should have the power to control their sexual desires. Kama Sutra also cites numerous examples where numerous people were destroyed because of their uncontrolled desire for someone.

Sex is a necessary part of human survival

Removal of the faults

Sex is a necessary part of human survival but that does mean that one will be obsessed toward this. Just as food and wealth, sex needs to be maintained in a healthy manner. It is necessary to control the sexual desires which arise in a person. One should remain committed to just one individual and not have desires for every one they meet.

Sexual behaviour is a complex study which one needs to control. Even if he is obsessed by the same, he needs to recover. Faults are natural and everyone makes mistakes. But these mistakes should be rectified a t the earliest. Or it will hamper your family life.

This who can achieve three goals- faith, prosperity and sexual pleasure are the ones who are the successors.

Reasons for sex

Sex is an inevitable part of life and the main reason for the same is desire. Both partners should have equal amount of desire which would help them to come closer to each other. The second way is access to the partner. If both have free access to each other, they will be drawn towards each other and have sex.

Preparations before coition

Preparations before coition

Men as well as woman are representations of bodily forces. There are special organs that need to be stimulated before having sex. Before unification of the male and female organs, it is necessary that both of them love each other deeply and intensely. The organs must also be properly stimulated for the same.


Couple should not jump into intercourse in the very first instance. It is important that they know each other well, know each other’s bodies, arouse each other by stimulating each other and gradually get into intercourse. Kama sutra describes 64 methods of foreplay before love making. These should be followed before intercourse and abide the principle of shastra and Dharma.

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