How to prolong the pleasure of sex after reaching climax

Sexual intimacy creates a strange and strong bond between two individuals. This bond should be nurtured with care for turning it into a strong relationship. Couples often make the mistake of turning away from each other just after having sex. They start doing their own thing and forget to value together time after having sex.


Surveys show that most of the times men fall asleep just after having sex and the women too follow suit. Others get busy with chores or start watching the television. If you too have been doing the same then it is time for optimizing the time after sex with your partner. There are many different ways of enjoying the after sex time together. Spending the time after sex together brings two people closer than ever and helps in strengthening their relationship.


Do not let your man pull out of you right after both of you reach the climax. Instead, you should make him feel the pleasure of being one with you for a longer period. Wrap your thighs around your man’s girth and make him stay inside you even after the orgasm. Massage the sides of his belly with your palms because these areas are very sensitive to touch. You may also kiss him deeply to feel more connected with him. When the sex is finally over, go to the bathroom together and take a warm shower. Sex can be tiring so you should refresh your senses by taking shower. This not only helps in extending the period of togetherness but also makes both of you feel closer.


Listen to some soft and romantic songs after the shower. Plug in the iPod with the speaker so the room is filled with soothing and calming music. Do not rush into work just after sex because it will get you out of the beautiful feelings created by sex and physical intimacy. Catch a small nap and then eat light chocolaty snacks. Chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese and wine are some great options. You can try other aphrodisiac foods as well. You may also give your man a nice back massage. Do not neglect his booty and go down till his feet. Feet massage is relaxing and sexy. It just might get him in the mood once again.


Sex should be savored as much as possible. Try to prolong the period of intimacy even after climaxing. Eat together and cuddle. Take a sexy shower and rub each other’s neck for enhancing togetherness.

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