Prostitution faces acute recession in UK

Social studies have proved time and again that women are forced to take up prostitution as their profession for surviving in dire economic conditions. In society, a woman has to perform many duties yet she is considered inferior than her male counterparts. The costs of living have increased, but the income of working class women have not increased. In the UK, women have received little help from the government for living independent and respectful life under adverse economic conditions. Most of these women have no choice but to turn to prostitution, despite of the social stigma attached to this usually money fetching profession.

The times are really critical for the women belonging to the profession of prostitution. They turned to it for the sake of money. But now it seems that the potential customers are not as interested or capable of paying money for sex as they were before. Dearth of customers who can pay up has led to more deprivation. The prostitutes and escorts are cutting down their prices but still they are not getting many takers. This reflects the critical economic condition of UK. The price of daily commodities has risen and so have interest rates. People can no more afford the luxury of paid sex.

The number of prostitutes has increased but none of them can run their house from the money they earn through this profession. Everyday more women are joining prostitution for the sake of making both ends meet. Some are so desperate that they are providing sexual services at half the market price. Even huge discounts are not being able to keep their body business afloat. The women who have joined this profession do not depend on it fully anymore. They have to do some other part time jobs to keep their rooms warm and feed themselves. Even the high end escorts cannot afford to demand the high prices they used to. The women who have come to UK as immigrants have raised the competition. They offer more of themselves at meager prices and attract more customers with their exoticness.


But as the prices rise steep, the dangers of prostitution have also increased to great amount. Women are agreeing to provide bizarre and often dangerous services for good prices. Economic deprivation has led women to take more risk. Young newcomers are putting up their photos on various websites in hope of attracting potential clients. Women from the lower strata are providing sex for as less as $30 on the streets. If the UK government offers no help, the condition of these women will only worsen with time.

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