Questions that men frequently ask about sexuality

One of the main concerns for men all around the world is the question whether they are able to provide the desired level of satisfaction to their partners. They consider this as a matter of pride and if not, their self-confidence is affected negatively. There are many questions which bother men – like can they reach a higher orgasm by circumcising their penis, will this affect the orgasm of their partners, what are the steps to avoid infection if any happens and so on. Some of them go to doctors with these queries while others stay back with these questions in their minds. The latter can prove to be very much detrimental in some cases. Some of the most frequently asked questions by men are as follows:


Size of Penis

Some men are very proud of their penis sizes and are rather proud to show them off to their partners while there are some who are rather shy in this regard just because their size is small. Many men have the question in their mind like ‘what should I do in order to increase the size of my penis?’ Can medicines help? Will there be any side effects in using these medicines? How long will it take for the results to be evident etc. However, the answer to this question is no. The medicines cannot increase the size of your penis. It can be increased only by surgical process? In surgical process, the ligament holding the penis is cut thus freeing the penis. More it is free, the longer it appears.


Spots and Pimples

Another major question which arises includes the spots and pimples which are seen on penis and scrotum. Some fear it to be a serious disease; however, it is not. In most of the cases, these will be secretions from sebaceous glands which can create a pungent odour. This pungent odour can be very irritating but it can be avoided to some extent. For this, you just need to pull back the foreskin and wash them daily. This will reduce the spots and pimples along with reducing the odour.

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Morning Erection

Many of you will be having morning erection most of the times. In some cases, if you are not having them for many days altogether, there is nothing to be worried about. It is not any sign of disease of failure of your penis. Rather, it’s just a natural turn of events.


Circumcised Penis

If you are one of those with a circumcised penis you will be having many concerns like its interference with orgasm of your partner as well as yours. As an answer to this researchers have found out that they do not affect the sex life of both partners in any way.

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