Quick guide to never having sex during your married life

While we never recommend married couples to never have sex during the married life, there are still a few couples who simply don’t want to have sex. While the reasons for such a behavior depend on the person who’s not interested in sex, here we are trying to provide a quick guide which will allow you to live a married life without sex.

  • The first step to discourage your partner from trying to convince you in having sex is to behave angrily. You can start by complaining about various things such as food, clothes or even your boss. You can show anger at just about anything to show that there are hundreds of bad things in the world and you are simply not interested in the good things.
  •  Women are mostly not attracted to little boys, so to turn down the sexual mood of your girl, simply start behaving like a little boy when your girl approaches you. This will surely turn her off and you can avoid having sex with her without making her feel disgusted.
  • You can start ignoring yourself, start showing to your partner that you are merely an object, rather than a person, and don’t have any feelings. If you start behaving this way with your partner, you will surely turn off your partner. Just carry on behaving like this and do the way your partner wants you to, show no sign of response or any emotion of any kind.179213570
  • You should see your partner as an object that is providing you all kinds of services. If your partner comes to you for sex you should become resistant and shut down yourself. After all you want to be in control and not be controlled. Make sure you criticize your partner about being selfish whenever he/she demands sex to turn him/her off.
  • Another good way to refrain from sex is to keep yourself engaged or busy in one work or another. Keep watching TV for a long time at night or do mundane things. By the time you go to the bed, where your partner might be waiting for you, he/she would have lost interest in sex and might have gone off to sleep already.
  •  Don’t show any emotional intimacy towards your partner. So just shut down yourself completely, show no emotion to your partner, try to be passive than being active. Let your partner initiate the things, you can oppose these things and show resistance, this way you can avoid having sex.
  • Dress shabbily and look untidy at all times. When you dress this way, this will discourage your partner’s sexual interest in you and you can easily avoid having sex.

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