Reasons why Kama Sutra continues to be very important to youth

There is no other book like Kama sutra which has vast information about sex and its correlates. Sage Vatsyayana had compiled the book long time ago but its importance can be felt till today when the youth in all countries refer to this book. There are 7 books in the Kama sutra series which talk about the sexual life of man. The books begin with a boy stepping into puberty and ends with the mention of man when he loses his sexual zeal. All the seven books are interrelated and they provide practical information about sexual life which is very necessary and thus they are still being looked into especially by the youth.

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The first part of the book emphasizes about boys stepping into puberty. The learned sage says that when a boy enters into puberty we understand by carefully looking into the various changes happening in his body. The changes not only bring sexual alterations but he also becomes more aware of the social life around him. He understands himself and is able to understand how his body; especially his genitals are reacting to various changes. He satiates his desire by masturbating.

The second books talks about the shift from boyhood to manhood. The second part of Kama sutra is an extensive part as the books deals with the most important knowledge that it spreads about sexual positions. The book spreads knowledge about how these positions help in the wellbeing of the body and the mind and also about their merits and demerits.

Once the man is aware of how to satisfy himself and his lady, the third book elaborates how a man should try to get a wife for him. It teaches how to protect the decency of his wife and even narrates how the man and his wife can enjoy the sexual pleasure. The book gives in-depth knowledge to women as to how she should help her husband masturbate if he desires so.

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The fourth book is dedicated to women. The knowledgeable sage perpetuates his thinking that only men should not know how to satisfy their wife, as wives too should be aware of various important things. She should know about the codes of conduct in a marriage. The responsibilities and duties should also be known to her including the ways she should satisfy her beloved.

The fifth book goes back to narrate about men when they are in the middle ages when his partner is no longer able to please him sexually. He has been able to comprehend the psychology of men when they are hunting for other men’s wives. He says that at this point an extramarital affair promotes harmony in the existing relation.

The sixth and the seventh book are the summarization of the sexual life of a man. When a man has earned enough money as cited in the sixth book he tends to squander money by spending it on women or prostitutes. The seventh book remarks the coming back of the man to his wife and engaging in spiritual acts.

The various informative and interesting mentions make the Kama sutra renowned especially among the youth as they are able to relate it to themselves and their lives.

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