Reasons why sex gets better after you cross 50

It is a misconception that women can only enjoy sex in their 20s and 30s. A recent study proves that women in their 50s enjoy sex as much as in their 20s. Sexual enjoyment has nothing to do with age, rather crossing fifty help women enjoy sex even more. Many women in their 50s have come forward and acknowledged that they have a great sex life. Sex becomes for interesting in the 50s if you have the right attitude.

There are many social and psychological reasons behind this. Women in their 50s have reached a state of mind when they are at peace with their body and social position. They have toiled all their lives and earned the right of enjoying sex. These women are confident and do not easily fall prey to societal or peer pressure. Sex is a pleasurable amusement for them.

Remember the first time you had sex? Protected or unprotected the main worry that bugged you before and after that experience was unwanted pregnancy. In your fifties you may not be getting younger and 50s may not be the new 30s but you will not have to worry about pregnancy. That is a bliss for many women. Tension free sex is always more enjoyable.


In your twenties and thirties was a worry as well but for a different reason. At this stage of life, you want to conceive and feel tensed if you cannot. Leaving all the worries and tensions behind the 50 odd women is capable of experimenting more and opening up their mind for better sexual experience.

Women who have crossed fifty do not bother with societal norms. They are more confident than their younger selves and indulge in sex at whim. They are no more looking for the appreciation of others or think too much about what people will say. After fifties women are also able to have sex without thinking about love or a long-term relationship.


Many women consider committed relationships a burden and want careless fun. If you are over fifty then your menstruation cycle has most probably come to a halt.

This also helps in enhancing your sexual enjoyment. Monthly PMS syndromes like mood swings and abdominal cramps make sex painful for women. Taboos fall off as you age. Mental and emotional maturity helps in enjoying unconventional and unrestricted sex.


Women in their fifties can enjoy sex. A study proves this to be true. Matured women are more confident and carefree. They know how to enjoy sex without inhibitions.

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