Recovering your sex life after combating with breast cancer

What are the direct effects of breast cancer on sex life?

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Breast cancer treatment involves lots of medications and chemotherapies. The strong drugs may reduce the effects of the disease but they can also cause premature menopause. Menopause means hormonal changes, which can result into a dry vagina and painful intercourse. Chemotherapy drains the patients off their strength and vigor. They feel fatigued very often. Sex becomes a torture at this stage if the partner is not understanding and compassionate. Breast cancer can also traumatize a woman and send her into a state of chronic depression. Depression damages the neurons inside our brain and damages the capability of sexual arousal. The disease and its treatments can affect the way an individual looks. Changed physical appearance can also contribute to the lack of desire in women and their partners. Chemotherapy leads to baldness, puffiness and drastic weight loss. When a woman does not feel sexy she tries to avoid physical intimacy altogether. Breast Cancer affects a woman both physically and emotionally. It will take courage and patience if you really wish to get back to your normal life and enjoy sex like before. Rebuild your self-image:

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If you have survived cancer then you are a warrior. Take pride in your feat and try to appreciate the little things that make life so endearing. Luxury and amenities don’t make us happy, our mentality does. Breast cancer is often treated by surgically removing both breasts, which can make a woman feel very vulnerable. It is necessary for a woman and her partner to accept the physical changes. Nothing beats preparation in this matter. Find out how women who have been through similar operations look like. You can request your physician to provide you with images of previous patients. Knowledge of the matter makes things much bearable than unpleasant surprises. Communication plays a major part:


Cancer affects a woman deeply and shatters her life. It is a trying time for her and her partner. If the channels of communications are open then the wounds can get healed slowly over time. Break the ice and talk with your partner. Don’t let awkwardness crop up. Talk your heart out and hold hands. As the husband or boyfriend of a patient, one should be tolerant, kind, compassionate and empathetic. Diseases are unpredictable and so is life. All we can do is enjoy the few moments of togetherness. So, never let silence distance you from your love. Use lubricants and lead a healthier lifestyle: intercourse As your vagina loses its natural moisture, it becomes imperative to use a good vaginal moisturizer. Vaginal moisturizers help in softening the vagina and reducing the dryness. For added aid, you can use lubricants during intercourse. Kegel exercise is good for getting your groove back. It tightens the vaginal muscles and helps in feeling the sensations of sexual intercourse. Eat a balanced diet and meet people you know well for coffee or lunch. This will help you get back to a normal life and sex won’t bother you as much.]]>

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