Ridiculously hot oral sex positions you need to try

For some, oral sex is more pleasurable and intimate than penetration. This is perhaps because oral sex triggers a lot of emotional intent and feeling by letting someone so near to the most sensitive areas of the body. Given the fact, oral sex is considered most pleasurable act, which essentially uplifts a loving sex life. Since, each different oral sex position has its own pleasure bits, oral simulation can still be increased with the following hot oral sex positions.

If you’re ready to take going down to the level next – try the classic potion

hot oral sex positions (4)

Classic oral sex position where one partner lies down comfortably and the other sneaks in between the legs is common for both men and women. For women receiving creasing in the groin, this position is the most pleasurable. There is nothing like lying relaxed on the back and being pleasured by your fantasy man.

In addition to being a pleasurable position for oral sex, it also works as an oral quickie, when oral simulation is only being used for foreplay.

You can add to the fun of classic oral sex by throwing away the covers and allowing the partner breath freely while he is trying to pleasure you. You can also use pillows below your back to give him additional breathing space. For some additional fun, try an acrobatic move. Place your legs around his shoulders and increase his enthusiasm by enjoying the feeling of the touch of your skin of the inner thigh.

Up the classic with position 69

Red condom and thumb up

Some people advocate that 69 is a distracting position. They believe the partners are distracted since they can’t figure out if they are enjoying to pleasuring the other person. To make position 69 effective and less distracting, try the position side on. This way you don’t put extra weight on your partner and in turns the partners can both pleasure each other most enthusiastically.

One leg up

oral sex

This is a slight addition to the classic position. The woman lies down comfortably on the bed folding one leg up while allowing the other to dangle over the edge. The partner can easy find a comfortable position between the legs to lick you up from the exposed side.

By allowing yourself to try different new oral sex positions you can open yourself up for more pleasure. The basic requirements for a pleasurable oral sex are confidence, enthusiasm and willingness to not be shy.

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