Romantic decoration ideas to spice up your first Valentine night

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling a person can share. It matters to know that you have someone who is there for you at any point of time; and when that person is someone so special you do not mind going all the way to make him/her happy.

For a couple in love, everyday is Valentine’s day. But celebrating the first valentine together is a special feel. The day of love is in fact the most celebrated day. If you are wondering how you can surprise your loved one for your first valentine night, here are a few ideas that can help you out.

Making your very own garland

Romantic decorationInstead of going for readymade streamers, you can make your very own garland to decorate the room. This easy to make idea can be modified in so many ways.  For the motifs, you can use a few special photographs to personalize the garland. Thinking of being naughty, then add something more adultish (if you know what I mean).

Decorate the bed

Do not leave any stones unturned when you consider decorating the bed. From light and dark pink as well as red colored rose petals to even a beautifully designed trey with a pair of Champaign glasses and some romantic music. You can spice up your night the minute he/she enters into the room.  Do not forget the scented candles.

The heart shaped bedroom theme

The heart shaped bedroom theme

Make your first valentine a special day by incorporating the heart shape theme. You can choose or make large sized hearts and even opt for the same shaped rug. The all heart concept will be a hit. You can also consider having a little extra privacy by booking a room at the outskirts of the city and enjoying the night together.

Go all out with Red

Going all out with the red color is another great way to start your first Valentine night. From red colored curtains to even the bed sheet, decorating the entire space with this color is all you need to enjoy yourself. Keeping it as simple as possible and blending a little gold color to it will add to the elegance of the look.

Make it a sweet event

 Decorate the bathroom

Love and chocolates blend perfectly well. You can express the same with your sweetheart. Decorate the bathroom with some lovely red colored valentine inspired decoration. For spicing up your night, you can have a small bucket of chocolate sauce. A little fun in the bathroom can surely perk up your mood.

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