Seduction is a subtle art that can floor your SO

Men love it when a woman makes a seductive move. For men, women who are intelligent and naughty are the most irresistible ones. They love a little bit of chase with a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. So, if you want your man to go gaga for you or want to attract a man you fancy, learn the tricks of seducing. Some illuminative tips follow.

To be seductive you must be confident

 eye contact

Men love and adore confident women. To seduce a man of your choice you have to make him realize that you are completely comfortable in your own skin. Even if a man is overwhelming, do not let his looks or charm baffle you. Hold your head high and make eye contact. The rule of making eye contact is to look very briefly into his eyes, full of smile, and then looking away. This lets him know that you are interested and tells him that you are confident.

Beat the boring party

 whisper in his ears

If your boyfriend or husband takes you to a lot of boring dinner parties, where you have to smile and nod at strangers often, punish him seductively. Half way through the party, go up to your man and whisper in his ears that you have got no panties on. Smile seductively and strut away. He will choke with desire for you and will be in a hurry to get you home.

Touch him right

 Touch him right

You can try this seductive trick on your boyfriend or even your love interest. Once you have been acquainted with him, chat over a glass of cocktail. Touch his thighs with your hand while laughing about an anecdote. Or brush his shoulder with your fingers while asking him to look at something. Be bold and confident to make everything seem natural and not a part of your plan.

Lingerie shopping

Lingerie shopping

Do you fancy your best friend? Does he seem to have forgotten how gorgeous a woman you are? Ask him to go for shopping with you and visit the lingerie counter. Be nonchalant to his flushed face and check out different sort of bras and panties. He will be wondering a lot about how you will look in them.

For flirting with a man, you have to be confident. Make eye-contact and smile at your man. Give him cues about how you like to be touched. All these will make him value you even more.

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