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For some men and women, online dating is the only option that is available. They don’t have time to go out to a bar or go out to other locations to meet people because they work, attend classes, or take care of a home.

Being a Cougar

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Some older women enjoy the interaction that they have with younger men. A cougar is a woman who is usually at least 40 years old and likes to seek men who years younger than she is, resulting in a relationship that some might not approve of because of the age difference. If you think that you are among the cougar craze or if you might want to see what it’s all about while dating online or entering into casual relationships, then take a look at a few signs that are common among cougars.

Signs common among cougars

One of the clear signs that you’ll see if you suspect that a woman is a cougar is her age. Most are about 40 years old. Some might be older, but this is the age where many women begin thinking about aging and the changes that occur physically, mentally, and emotionally during this stage in life. If you’re around 40 years old and have started noticing men who are younger, then you might have a bit of a cougar inside you that you can let out while talking to men online or in a casual atmosphere.

Getting a youthful appearance


If you’re a cougar, then you’re usually more concerned with how your face and skin look compared to everything else. Sometimes, a cougar will have cosmetic surgery to improve the look of her face, such as getting a nose job. A cougar will often want to get rid of signs of aging are present so that she appears younger.

A youthful appearance can often make it easier for an older woman to talk to a younger man, making her feel better about herself and the other men who might be around him at the time. Physical fitness is important to a cougar. You’ll usually want to go to the gym or have a regular exercise routine so that you stay in the best shape. Most cougars like wearing expensive clothing or clothing that flatters the figure. If you want to join the cougar craze, then you might want to think about updating your wardrobe if you don’t already have these essentials in your closet. Most of the time, the clothing worn by a cougar is a bit on the sensual side instead of being just jeans that are a little too tight or a dress that is too short.

Financial side of a cougar

When it comes to finances, a cougar usually has enough money to support herself as well as a younger man. This is sometimes the reason why many younger men want an older woman. They see the older woman as a mother figure and want someone who can provide the mental support that is needed as well as the financial support. There could be a few genuine emotions mixed into the relationship, but for the most part, it’s a casual dating experience that both you and the younger man understand. With all of the money that a cougar often has available, she might invest in a few luxurious items, such as designer purses or a nice car.

What does a cougar want?


A cougar doesn’t always like to be the centre of attention. She is just as happy sitting alone at a bar or in a booth as she is dancing with someone she enjoys talking to or going out and about to meet new people. Most women who are cougars have a specific type of man they look for aside from one who is years younger. She wants a man who is physically attractive. She also wants someone who has ambition and a drive to be successful in life. A cougar wants a man who will give her the attention that she desires. She is usually a cougar because she feels lonely or wants the attention to be on her as she gets older instead of on younger women. Since she knows what she wants, a cougar usually won’t play games with younger men. If she doesn’t feel comfortable around a man, she will quickly end the conversation or relationship and move on to someone who can give her what she desires.

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