Seven ideal destinations for female sex tourists

Female sex tourism is a little different from male sex tourism. It is more subtle. Women do not generally use the set structures of sex industry such as organized tours or sex shows to meet their partner. In most of the cases money is not paid, instead the sex worker is compensated in the form of gifts or payment of all his expenses. Though history of female sex tourism goes back to late 1840s in Rome, it is now gaining popularity again. In most of the cases affluent white women from the west head south for a fling in the Caribbean, or some other exotic destination. In most of the cases, wealthy, single, older women go for holidays to have romance and sex with a companion who knows how to give them attention and how to make them feel special. The men work as sex workers for sex, expensive gifts, and financial help. Women do not consider it as sex tourism. They believe that they had a fling with the boy during vacations. Here is a list of some ideal destinations that lure tourists of fair sex in search of some steamy fling during their vacations:


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Jamaican male prostitutes are known by the nicknames of ‘big bamboo’ and ‘Sanky-panky’. The dark skinned men of Jamaica are very attractive to female tourists. There is a stereotype of black men to be very masculine and extremely sexual. This plays into the fantasy of female travelers of being swept away by strong, skilled lover. The women buy clothes, pay for all the expenses, and have a good time. The men know how to talk to women and make them feel special.

Bali (Indonesia)

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This is another destination, which finds favor with sex tourists. The gigolos here have the nickname ‘kuta cowboys’ for their athleticism and appetite for serial romance. These bronze Indonesian men lure women on the beaches. Each year thousands of women throng Bali, and are attracted towards these muscular beach bodies. It is a heaven for women looking for some quiet time in luxurious villas available on rent, enjoying the breathtaking view. Here women can entertain whoever they want, enjoy various parties, have own cook to prepare food of choice, and of course look for some intimate romance on the beach.


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This beautiful country in West Africa, with virgin beaches is fast becoming a favorite tourist spot for middle-aged European women looking for some romance and physical intimacy with black, handsome young toy boy. These ‘bumsters’ are easily recognizable in brightly colored t-shirts, or vests. Stationed outside hotels as well as beaches, these young boys try to lure women by tacky one-liners. Since there is abject poverty in Gambia, these young men try to earn some money, and dream of being taken away from this impoverished country. The women in turn enjoy some pleasant time in sun with the sprinkling of sex away from work and tensions of their daily routine back home.


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Jordan is fast developing a reputation as a destination for female tourists looking for exotic rendezvous in this Muslim country. The Western-style dating and casual sex culture is not common in this country. There are some hot spots at desert resorts such as Petra, where women looking for commercial sex can find their partner. The sex tourism scene here is a little different from Caribbean and Africa.  The women here apparently fall for the magnetic personality of Beduin guide, where desert moon and nature plays as a catalyst. Here exchange of money for sex is rare, and in many cases, women get involved in long-term relationships.

Phuket (Thailand)

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Phuket is world famous for its beautiful sand beaches and nightlife. It is also known as a favorite spot for sex tourists of all kind. It is considered as a centre for rest and recreation. Here sex business is not limited to female sex prostitutes. Male sex workers can also be easily found. Female tourists have enjoyable holiday here with beautiful beaches, massage parlors, exotic Thai seafood, rocking nightlife, and of course opportunity of coming close to Thai men.


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Senegal in West Africa sees white women flocking to its shores throughout the year. The women tourists’ target the boys who play drums as drummers are considered to be good in bed. Abject poverty in this country gives rise to prostitution here. The women want to come close to handsome men, while these gigolos, who call themselves tourist guides, get gifts, all expense paid ride, sex, and sometimes a new lease of life.


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Greece has been attracting visitors since time immemorial for its rich history, Mediterranean coastline, and beautiful beaches. The gigolos here are called ‘Kamakia’ or ‘fishing harpoon.’ Southern Europe has become a favorite destination for single women and here in Greece they can have a good time exploring countless beaches with crystal clear water, enjoy Greek cuisine, and also the company of handsome Greek boy.

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