Seven tips to make your sex life more eco friendly

If you are planning on turning over a green leaf, you may have a little difficulty giving up the un-green habits that have so far dominated your sex life. However, going green without turning into a monk or nun is rather easy to do. We give you these seven tips that help you make your sex life more eco-friendly.

 Turn the lights off

1. Turn the lights off

Having sex in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you, sounds very relaxing. For most of us, it translates into a rowdy romp at wee hours of the night with all the lights on. However, as romantic as seeing your partner while you do it is, it really isn’t good for mother earth. So the next time you wanna get it on after the sun has gone down, just turn the lights off beforehand and feel the sensations take you over.

2. Sustainable candles and incenses

If you’re the kind of person that likes to set the mood with candles, you might want to switch the wax ones for soy candles. These do not release carbon dioxide on burning and give you roughly the same kind of light. If you can live without the flickering light too then you might wanna ditch scented candles altogether and just burn incenses.

3. Organic massage oils

Most over the counter massage oils are infused with chemicals to help speed up the muscle relaxation. Needless to say they aren’t meant to be ingested, taste yucky and require you to shower before jumping into the sack with a partner. However, organic massage oils have an au naturel content and are processed minimally. This gives them a low carbon footprint and close to zero preservative or harmful chemical content.

 Bathe together and save water

4. Bathe together and save water

If you’re looking to amp up the heat between you and your partner, bathing together could really help. What makes it a great idea for planet lovers is that it also helps you cut down on water consumption by much!

5. Use latex condoms

Naturally bio-degradable latex condoms may create waste but at least they do not harm the planet. Of course, they aren’t meant to be flushed down the loo so you can always wrap them in some TP and throw them in your recycling trash bin.

6. Try eco-friendly lingerie

Satin and silk lingerie may make you feel like a goddess when you’re out buying them but to your man, your body would look just a heavenly in itsy bitsy pieces made from eco-friendly materials like cotton and bamboo as well.

7. Solar-powered sex toys

Most sex toys run on batteries that are not meant to be recycled. However, using solar powered sex toys can help you keep your carbon footprint down without giving up your private fantasies.

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