Sex Drugs Use: Not a Worry as Before

During their years of adolescence, folks have to face three defiant but coaxing opportunities: drinking alcohol, trying out drugs and having sexual intercourse. In today’s world, most teens have tried at least one.

risky-sexual-behavioursThese behaviors are mostly linked. For instance, if a teen goes to a party, there is alcohol offered. And where there is alcohol, there are drugs offered such as marijuana or coke. Therefore, teenagers are likely to engage in risky sexual behaviours.

All being said, sex drugs usage among youth and teens isn’t as distressing as before, according to some statistics. However, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be careful since easy access to drugs can just make things worse before we know it.

The Road to Drug Addiction

Wondering why more kids love to fall for drug addiction? It might just because of their desire to experiment.

Adolescents who partake in drugs are more likely to get hooked to sexual behaviours than other teens who don’t use drugs. The following are some of the reasons why adolescents take drugs.

  • To seem cool so that try fit in.
  • To impress an older peer or the significant other.
  • Teens believe that drugs help them reduce anxiety and shyness; thus, having more confidence to have sex.

For some sex under the influence of drugs “feels good” and it might be temporarily true for a few. However, this involves a significant dilemma in terms of health, moral and legal.

Sexual behaviour under the influence of substance abuse is a high factor that can lead to contraction of HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Teenagers who deal with risky behaviours can do anything such as trading sex for money.

Why Are Adolescents Moving Away from Drugs?

When it comes to sex and drugs a lot of adolescents have come to discover that risks involced do not justify the benefits. A person could ruin their sex life for good after using drugs for even a short period of time. The following are some of the reasons why adolescents today are no longer using drugs.

1. Fear of risks involved

hiv Some teenagers have fear of becoming addicted to drugs. Relying on drugs to increase sexual preferences will have long-term consequences. Plus the risk of sexual assault, HIV, unwanted pregnancies and prostitution are some of the main reasons why teenagers are abstaining from drugs.

2. Family Life

A lot of parents and guardians have talks with their kids about drugs and sexual intercourse. They help the teens gain confidence to say no to drugs and sex.

3. Aims and ambitions

Goals and ambitions inspire teenagers to stay away from drugs and sex. Adolescents and almost everyone want a bright future and none of all that can be achieved by taking drugs.

4. No interest in drugs and sex

Some teenagers have zero interest in doing drugs and having sex. Drugs are not appealing to some teens and with this view, they do not consider going after.

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