Sex Life Ends at 70 as Health Declines, Study Says

Sexual desires surfaces in puberty for both men and women when the level of hormones is on the rise. With age, these hormones decline. However, the male hormones remain high for a longer period of time than that of women. By the age of seventy, these hormones stop remaining high and thus the libido decreases. Older men have the interest towards sex but do not have the force to translate it into the action. Even if they force, the health, body and flesh do not allow them. After attaining the age of forty years, these hormones start falling by 1% every year, becoming less responsive with the age. Sexual activity begins with arousal which is the result from erotic thoughts and sensitive spur and stimulation. It includes stroke, scene, scent, taste and even hearing. The region in the brain which is associated with these stimulations is called hypothalamus. It coordinates images and feelings of desires to the pelvis through spinal cord. All these are involuntary actions. This is a chemical reaction. But with age, the hypothalamus functioning decreases, sensory stimulations slow down and most of the people above seventy years are unable to sustain the desire. Even night time desires decreases with the age.

During sexual desire, the blood flow, heart rate and blood pressure increases. Therefore more blood is pumped into the body tissues. However with age these body changes decreases and thus people are unable to continue sexual needs. The ejaculation for both men and women decrease with age. As for men, the sperm count decreases and declines with age. Depression, stress, strain and worry interfere with sexual activity. With age these emotional feelings increases. Henceforth, the sexual libido decreases. Survey has stated that usually the reproductive system and sexual activity declines because people get addicted to drugs, drinks and smoking. These factors decrease the sexual libido and sexual desire in both men and women. Older male population suffers from prostrate diseases and low testosterone, whereas older women have the tendency of suffering from hypertension and heart diseases. The prostate cancer is the most dangerous and deadliest disease and is common in men above the age of forty years. This causes pain in ejaculation, lower back pain and pain in urination. Therefore, health and diseases play the chief role in the decline of rate of sexual desire and activity above seventy years.]]>

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