Sex Surrogacy: An amazing sex therapy

First introduced by two renowned sex therapists, Masters and Johnson, sex surrogacy has become a really popular form of sexual healing over the past few years. Since men cannot simply get over their sexual problems by conversing alone, so for successful healing, they need an active or hands-on guidance. Sexual surrogacy involves a unique approach to your problems that allows you to open up completely and directs you to various methods you can use to heal your sexual problems.

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A sexual surrogate helps you to understand and discover your own sensuality, emotional as well as physical intimacy in a more profound way which remains beyond your common realization. They use different techniques like communication exercise, meditation, breathing techniques, along with physical and mental relaxation. They also guide you through a series of sensual touch and sexual awareness that help you understand the proper ways of giving and receiving pleasure in a more intense manner.

Self-doubt, suspicion and stress fill your mind with different kinds of negative thoughts leading to distraction and resulting in sexual malfunctioning. Besides this, anxiety has been attributed as the key factor in various sexual malfunctions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibition and lack of orgasm. If your mind lacks peace, then it is apparent for your sensual and sexual expression to malfunction and, in such cases, the healing techniques of sexual surrogacy can benefit you extensively.

 motive of Sex Surrogacy is to build strong relationship

One of the most important factors behind the success of sexual surrogacy is the unique and strong relationship built on the foundation of trust between the client and the surrogate. The surrogate allows the client to share a deep feeling of care leading to a deep and real friendship, based purely on trust. Moreover, all the lessons you learn from your surrogate help you in developing and maintaining an honest, healthy and close relationship with your partner for the rest of your life. It also gives you the confidence to express yourself in front of your partner in the most honest way possible.

Sensate Focus: The healing touch

Developed by Master and Johnson, sensate focus is a special kind of relaxed touching which helps you to embrace the moment by heightening your sensory awareness and providing you the ability to focus clearly. Besides this, sensate focus also helps you in enhancing the level of pleasure for your partner and for yourself. It teaches you to take delight in touch in a way you never experienced before. Moreover, it provides your partner with the same feeling of pleasure you experienced through each touch. It makes you dwell in the moment where your sole focus is to experience pleasure without any demand or expectations. This healing touch helps you in dealing with all sorts of sexual problems that might have killed the spark in your relationship with your partner.

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