Sexy Pirates In Saudi Arabia

I recently about the lousy Saudi royals their hypocrisy: One of the greatest injustices of the vile Saudi kingdom is the hypocrisy. If the royal family bothered to impose in toto the strict and fanatical Wahhabi doctrines on itself that would at least mark one less cruel and unjust reality in the kingdom.

But no. Half of the royals, it should be noted, are genuine Wahhabi zealots. But the other half exempt themselves and live not only lives of personal freedom that is restrictive and grossly punished if other Saudis dare attempt such a thing, but more often go beyond just normal enjoyment – which in Saudi Arabia includes women driving and alcohol consumption – but indulge in pure hedonism.
Saudi princes are notorious for their oil extravagance in the brothels and casinos of the world. The stories are too vulgar to recount here and too numerous. But here’s an idea: Several years back the royal family had to have an intervention in Morocco after a prince literally bit the breast of a woman he was sleeping with and the royals had to pay off the woman in an attempt to keep the story private (alas for them that did not work). The late Saudi King Fahd was an alcoholic and womanizer, and his declassified medical files cite numerous STDs.

Personal accounts by those who have been inside the homes of Saudi royals describe free-flowing alcohol.

And now Wikileaks provides another worthy humiliating illustration of the decadency and hypocrisy of the vile royal family:

Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex.

But it is not just the orgies while normal Saudis are severally chastened, literally whipped, for just intermixing with the opposition sex, but it is the gaudily manner of these vile royals:

Do not forget the jewels of the royal family:

“A Saudi businessman has purchased what is being described by the Canadian seller as the world’s most expensive adult novelty item — a solid 18-carat gold penis enlarger worth nearly 50,000 dollars.”

Does it really need to be gold-laced? I heard pomegranates do wonders for your sex drive and ability, but does letting it sit in gold do anything? I figure it may actually give you a rash. But those Saudi princes…

If only it were this funny:

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