Six teasers that can help you have great sex all the time

A healthy sex life is the key to a great marriage or romantic relationship. But if you thought that you need to take up a tantric sex class to amp up your sex life, you’d be really surprised to know that upping the sexual ante is surprisingly doable. Here are six teasers that will definitely boost your sex life and help you have mind-blowing sex all the time.

1. Start sexting

Yes, ladies, sexting is all the vogue these days and no, it isn’t just something that hormonal teens force to abstain indulging in. Not only will it help your man get in the mood for some good old fashioned nooky by the time he gets back home from the office, it will also help you communicate hidden fantasies to him that you’re just too scared to tell him to his face.

2. Dress down to impress

The ultimate sex kitten image in your mind might be the one where you have your favorite Chanel number. But men’s minds and, er, anatomy is wired to respond to your attitude and not your clothes! Every now and then, ditch your regular clothes for that old plain white tee that falls off one shoulder “accidentally” and tights that highlight the tautness of your derriere. When you’ve dressed down, he really wouldn’t have a clue about your intentions but he will surely get in the mood when he finds you baring cleavage “accidentally” while passing him a cup of coffee or catches a sight of your long, slender pins when you’re bent over the kitchen sink doing the dishes!


3. Get “touchy-feely”

Through a regular week, you spend a lot of time sitting close to your man while you’re out lunching, hanging out on the couch in front of the telly or even driving to work or to the stores together. You can always use this time to get a little handsy and let your guy know where your brain is heading.

4. “Gift” him your post-spa/salon self

Have you ever heard a man turning down an offer for a quickie? We haven’t either. But for most of us, getting ourselves in the mood often enough is the hardest part. However, most of us feel the sexiest after a day at the spa or a trip to the salon. Use this time to surprise him with a quickie and you’d be surprised just how much of a difference all the extra confidence makes to your own performance.


5. Make movie dates sexier

Remember going to the movies with your boyfriend when you were a teen? They were pretty much make-out fests and more often than not, you didn’t remember what happened in the movie. To recapture the same feeling in your adult relationship, ask your man to come with you to a movie that he might really not enjoy so much. Then surprise him by spending all the time in the dark getting handsy and making out like teens!

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