Study claims that women with higher Emotional Intelligence have better sex

Pop culture typically depicts the “dumb blonde” as a woman that has a higher libido than women of higher intelligence and one who can be easily talked into having sex as she enjoys the act more. The typical “smart” woman, however, is stereotypically assumed harder to please and is considered somewhat frigid and picky when it comes to sexual partners.


However, a new research published in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine claims that smarter women in fact have a lot more orgasms and have better sex in general.

To be precise, the study linked higher emotional intelligence levels rather than the traditional method of judging smartness i.e. IQ (intelligence quotient) with sexual contentment. The study claims that women with higher EI (emotional intelligence) are generally better able to read their partners’ emotions more aptly, which allows them to form better responses to them. Thanks to this added objectivity, these women are able to communicate better with their partners and tell them what they find pleasurable more easily than women with lower EI.


In terms of sexual satisfaction, the higher chances of forming an emotional connection helps them feel more secure with their relationship which is known to have a direct bearing on sexual performance and satisfaction. Another aspect of higher Emotional Intelligence is that it allows women to not take their partners’ occasional disinterest in sex personally or consider it a reflection of their relationship.

Instead, these women display a greater understanding of the underlying problems that their partner might be facing.

A woman with a higher EI is also more likely to be more satisfied with her own body and have greater clarity and insight into the relationship that reflects in her own sexual performance and, as a result, on the entire experience for her and her partner. Problematic relationships, according to experts, are a result of poor EI in one or both of the partners. However, if the woman in a relationship is the one with the lower EI, she is less likely to enjoy sex as much as her partner does.


The good news for women, however, lies in the fact that unlike IQ, EI is much easier to develop and enhance. To develop your emotional intelligence, one basically has to learn to identify better with others and understand the reasons behind relationship problems. Sometimes talking to a consultant or a friend can also help as it allows women to vent their frustrations in a safe environment and she is more open and receptive to her partner later on.

Experts that conducted the study claimed that once a woman began to understand how she contributed to relationship problems, she had a better chance of steering conversations into a more positive direction, which helped dissipate tension between her and her partner, and the self-awareness led her to be more open with her partner during sex.

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