Ten sex etiquette tips for everyone

Bad coital manners are a major turn off. Here are a few basic manners and etiquettes that will keep your love life sizzling and sweet for a long time.


Before sex

Ask, don’t pounce

Not asking a partner for permission to have sex is not only rude, but is also a punishable offence in most parts of the world. You really don’t have to use the word “please” to ask your partner for sex though etiquette and common sense dictates that you at least ask them if they are in the mood.

Keep your promises

If you have lured them into the bedroom with the promise of some oral action or a particular position, throw that in somewhere during the deed or they will learn not to get their hopes up too high next time.

Hygiene matters

Common sense says that you should worry about your personal hygiene more than anyone else. It becomes even more important when you are about to share your body with someone else. Even if you aren’t minty fresh before the deed, at least ensure that you are free of odors and dirt.

Don’t talk about weight

If your partner has put on weight, telling them about it just before sex is really insulting. It also deteriorates their confidence which of course isn’t good for their performance and your sex life in the long run.


During sex

Don’t keep looking at the time

Even if you have consented to a quickie, looking at the time too often during sex is just plain rude. If you’re getting late for something, take charge and hasten things up or gently remind your partner of the kind of time you have before you’d really get late.

Don’t answer the phone or texts

You’re not supposed to answer the phone during sex. The sounds of what you’re up to would sound very rude to the caller and you paying attention to someone else during sex wouldn’t be awfully flattering to your partner either.

Don’t watch TV or talk about other things

Talking about non-sex things during sex is very impolite. It says that you’re not enjoying what’s happening. Watching TV during sex too implies that the sex isn’t very appealing to you.

Don’t use the wrong name

Do we really need to tell you why this would be wrong?


After sex

Cuddling manners

After the deed, simply rolling off and going to sleep is extremely rude and disrespectful to your partner. Asking them to cuddle and stay awake with you for the rest of the night borders on near-cruel. The perfect middle ground would be to cuddle very closely for a minute or so and settle into a more comfortable position where you’re both still close together after it.

Pillow talk manners

Post nooky critique is a mood killer. Asking your partner if they enjoyed it over and over again is also a turn off. Try to keep performance evaluations to a minimum after sex.

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