The Challenge Kamasutra sex position



This is a male dominant rear entry position, i.e. variation to the doggy style position, wherein female partner bends on a chair in the squatting position. The male partner bends his knees to enter the female partner from behind while holding her thighs. The chair, on which the female is standing, should be sturdy. This position ensures that female vagina is widely split, so the male counterpart could easily penetrate her from the behind. This position allows easy penetration and both partners can perform the thrusting. In this position, the male counterpart’s job is just getting his penis in and out, while the female counterpart can perform the up and down squatting.


The Challenge Explained


To get started in this position female has to stand onto a sturdy chair in the squat position, i.e. she has to lean forward to the back rest of the chair with her elbows and hands on the knees to open up her vagina, for easy insertion. Male partner has to stand upright to enter her from the behind and start thrusting in and out, while holding female counterpart’s hips. He can also wrap himself around the body of female partner for greater pleasure and deeper penetration. Female can also squat up and down to ensure higher degree of thrusting and deeper penetration.


How it ensures maximum satisfaction?


The typical position ensures wider vaginal split for easy access and maximum penetration. The Challenge sex position allows complete control to the male partner for easy penetration, so most males love this position of lovemaking. Female partner also enjoys this position, as she can squat up and down. Though, there is very less clitoral satisfaction in this position.



Almost all the chair positions are a bit risky, so before getting in this position couples must ensure that the chair is sturdy enough to hold the female and thrusting motions during the intercourse. Also male counterpart should hold female from the waist to maintain the balance during the lovemaking.




The Challenge is a very good position for both vaginal and anal sex. Unlike other slow thrusting positions, males enjoy this position as they are in complete control and can thrust quite fast. It is a good position to delay the male ejaculation, as he can slow down the thrusting at will during the intercourse.


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