The Column Kamasutra sex position

The column position is straightforward standing position in which the both the  male and female are standing upright facing in the same direction, meaning thereby male counterpart is standing behind the female counterpart and performing the lovemaking. As the name suggests, both partners, after locking each other, looks like column on the ground, hence the name. In this position, male penetrates female from behind while holding her anywhere and simply thrusting in and out of her by moving his hips back and forth. Male does most of the thrusting, but female can also help in stroking motions by bending forward and then thrusting backwards. Male has full advantage in this position as she can he can hold his partner anywhere like holding her waist to increase the speed of thrusting. He can grope her breasts from behind to increase his level of arousal; can kiss her neck, her lips etc. Overall, Column Kamasutra sex position is very sensual and intimate position in which partners can have highly energetic and rough lovemaking.

The Column Explained

Column position is very simple position to perform. To begin the proceeding, both partners first stand upright and are facing in the same direction, meaning the male partner is right behind the female. Male partner then penetrates her from behind and just starts thrusting back and forth. If male partner is taller than woman is, then he can bend his knees little to penetrate her easily. This allows him to stroke upwards. In this position, to change the angle of penetration female partner can lean forward a little to increase the satisfaction level. During the lovemaking, male can hold female partner by wrapping his arms around her waist to help him in thrusting and by doing so he can speed up the pace. He can also hold her breasts from behind and at the same time, male partner can kiss her on her shoulders, neck and ears for that extra stimulus. In addition, the male partner can touch and rub her clitoris to increase the levels of arousal.

How it ensures maximum satisfaction 

The column position ensures high degree of intimacy between the partners, which in itself is highly satisfactory. As male partner is entering her partner from behind by closely holding her that ensures very deep penetration of penis into her vagina, which in turn also stimulates her g-spot. During the coital, male can help her in stimulating her clitoris by rubbing it. The angle of penetration can also be altered if female partner leans forward.

Precautions, if any

Not much precaution is required in this position, as it is very simple to perform without any discomfort to both partners.

The Column Kamasutra sex position is simple and straightforward standing position in which the male partner penetrates female partner from behind. It’s a highly intimate position that can be performed anywhere to bring closeness among the couples.


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