The faster girls mature sexually, the sooner they die

Scientists have revealed a strange and frightening truth about the female life expectancy. Research shows that women who mature sexually at an early age die early as well. It is difficult to believe that sex can decrease a woman’s life span but there is sufficient scientific proof to support this claim. The scientists have done several tests using mice in the laboratory to derive this conclusion.


This is a matter of concern because most girls start having intimate relationship from a very early age these days. School goers start having sex with their boyfriends and many of them enjoy sex with multiple partners.

If sex really damages the health of women then they should have clear understanding of the matter so that they can take their decisions wisely.

The scientists who work in the Jackson Laboratory have discovered that 6-month-old mice with lower levels of IGF1 hormone live a longer life than other mice. Doctor Rong Yuan, one of the main researchers, have acknowledged that the mice who were found to have low levels of the hormone IGF1 did not mature sexually as early as the others.


The hormone IGF1 is responsible for the sexual maturation of female body and somehow it regulates the longevity or life span of women. Research conducted on some wild mice species shows that IGF1 is related with the beginning of the menstruation cycle in women mice.

The results derived from tests done on female mice may not be conclusive about human females but it has surely helped the researchers understand the relation between hormones, sex and life expectancy.

Research is still going on regarding this matter and scientists need to find out more proof before they suggest that younger women stay away from all-things-sex. There are many other problems faced by women who reach sexual maturity at an early age. One of the biggest problems that teenage girls face is pregnancy.

Giving birth and giving up the child for adoption are strong emotional experiences with physical consequences. Hormones like the IGF1 and estrogen govern female body. The fluctuation in the level of hormones can cause different types of health disorders in women.


Women who mature sexually at an early age may live for a shorter span of time. Researchers are conducting many tests to check if sex and life expectancy in females are related in some way.

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