The ultimate sex guide for newlyweds

For newlyweds, sex happens frequently from the day of marriage for at least a couple of months, and as time passes by, the frequency starts reducing as they get used to it and it is nothing much that has been left to explore. The challenge for couples is to balance the sense of intimacy and passion all through their lives. But it is very difficult to meet the challenge.

For newlyweds, the female partner has to bear some pain during her first intercourse, especially if she is a virgin and also if she hasn’t has sex for quite some time. It becomes essential for the male partner to make her feel emotionally and physically comfortable in this case so that the pain she feels doesn’t take over the sexual excitement she will feel soon after.

The sexual excitement that the newlywed couple will gain depends on their sexual hormones. The more are the levels of these hormones, the more pleasure will the couple gain. Foreplay for newlywed couples is just as important as the intercourse. Newlywed couples should spend a lot of time kissing and caressing each other’s body so that the hormones are released and you can enjoy sex.

While it takes some time for the newlywed couple to build a sexual style that includes shared pleasure and deeper intimacy, it is very important to try out new positions and styles till you find the best position, with which both of you are equally comfortable. Men should also understand that while they devote more time of their sexual performance for the sense of intimacy and pleasure, women want an equal share of emotion attachment while having sex.

When the couple becomes comfortable in caressing each other even outside of their bedroom, they do tend to build a closer sexual bond that will make them feel happier and also prevent the lack of sexual desire most couples have to counter in the years to come. Touching and exploring each other’s body helps in increasing intimacy and knowing about each other’s body and its needs.

Empathy is equally important as keeping in mind the feelings of each other helps satisfy them in the best possible manner. It is also very important for the male partner to make the woman feel comfortable, for which the man should try to get involved in what she does during the day, missing which the woman won’t be able to give you her 100 percent.

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