The vicious circle of erectile dysfunction

Sexual problems are many. These sex problems prevent both men and women from leading a perfect sex life. These problems are really severe and they often come out with unpleasant results, many of which are not acceptable to them. However, most of the sexologists and sex therapists are of one opinion that these sex problems are mainly psychological by nature and have least or no physical significance.


However, some sex problems require closer attention to get removed. Erectile dysfunction is one such sex problem that has been a great matter of concern for the men.

This is a disease that prevents the men to get the required hardness of their penis that is required for a perfect sexual intercourse. In the absence of this hardness, they are unable to insert their penis inside the sexual organ of the women. As a result, both men and women face a shameful situation where nobody gets to the climax of sexual intercourse. This disease can have a temporary significance on the human body or it may be permanent as well. Temporary dysfunction is purely psychological and can be got rid of with a little care whereas a chronic dysfunction can be difficult to get rid of.


A man suffering from erectile dysfunction loses all his self-confidence while trying to establish a sexual relationship with his partner in the bed. His failure in doing so works as a psychological pressure that makes him frightened to happen it again and again. However, most of the sex therapists and sexologists have a different opinion about this disease. They strongly believe that this sexual deficiency is cause by some unsurpassable emotions and physical and mental fatigue and it can be cured totally with a little effort.

Actually, erectile is controlled by the central nervous system and it occasionally gets weaker due to various bodily and psychological reasons. These reasons work together for some time and that is why the person suffering from erectile dysfunction faces the physical outcomes. Excessive amount of tiredness, fatigue, psychological disturbances, due to many socio-economic reasons, are the basic factors that prevent the central nervous system from keeping total control over the erectile. This gets enhanced due to improper cooperation of his partner in the bed too. The best thing about erectile dysfunction is that it is totally curable with a little amount of care and rest. However, the cooperation of the sex partner is vital factor that can do miracle.

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