Things you should know when having sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is often a source of worry for would-be mothers. Though they want to get frisky with their partners, they feel stressed about how sex will affect the baby. Most gynecologists will assure you that there is nothing wrong with having sex during pregnancy.

However, you have to be a little extra cautious to not cause any stress on the baby bump. There is several sex positions that would be parents can try in the bedroom. This post endeavors to enlighten you on some safe sex tips during your pregnancy period.

Do communicate about sex

Sexologists cannot stress the importance of sex related communication enough. As your pregnancy progresses, your sexual experience will naturally change.  Communicating with your partner will enable both of you to discuss which sexual poses are best. Moreover, it will help you cope with the physical changes and evident signs of pregnancy during sex. Sit your partner down and talk about your worries so that they can empathize with your feelings and needs.

Consult the gynecologist

Pregnant woman with doctor

Consulting a gynecologist regarding sexual activities during pregnancy is a must. Generally, gynecologists ask couples to refrain from vigorous sexual activities during the first trimester of pregnancy. Thereafter they can enjoy a normal intercourse routine. However, in case of some particular conditions gynecologists may ask you to not indulge in sex. Such conditions include placenta previa, cervical incompetence, previous pre-term birth experience and leaking amniotic fluid.

Avoid stressful positions

Pregnancy rules out some specific sexual poses. Sex poses that require you to lie on your back for long should be avoided. Lying on your back can put unnecessary stress on the vein that carries blood from the lower part of your body to the heart. Plus, it puts extra pressure on your abdomen. So, don’t try missionary position in the advanced months of pregnancy.

Experiment for comfort

great sex position

Make a deal with your partner to experiment with variety of poses which are pro-pregnancy. Choose one which gives both of you comfort and pleasure. Spooning is a great sex position for couples expecting a child. Both of you will lie on your sides while your man enters you gently from behind. Another easy pose is having sex in the sitting position. Sit on the lap of your man and ask him to support you through the back with his hands.

Sex during pregnancy need to not be a cause of worry. Couples can enjoy sexual pleasure throughout all the three trimesters of pregnancy. Consult with your gynecologist and find out the most comfortable poses for sex without stress on abdomen.

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