Things that your man does not want you to do to his penis

It is equally necessary to know what you should and shouldn’t do to your man’s penis. Many women, who are new to lovemaking, make some rookie mistakes that can turn their man off. Men love it when their women offer to give them oral stimulation or hold their penis tightly. But, there are also things that men are afraid you would do to their penis. Penis is the most sensitive organ in their body when erected and the softest when not. You have to deal with it carefully.

No nails please

no please

As mentioned earlier, the skin of the penis is soft and sensitive. Men fear getting cut by the sharp and long nails of their women. Be careful while grabbing your man’s penis. Make sure that you don’t scratch him unnecessarily. If your man loves to get hand-job, then get French manicured done or cut your nails short. Once injured a cut can go infected and cause additional trouble.

Don’t be too gentle

 Don’t be too gentle  (1)

In the above-mentioned point you were cautioned to play safe with nails while handling your man’s manhood. Being careful, however, does not mean gripping his penis softly. Men love it when their women grab their penis in a strong hold. It gives them pleasurable sensation and stimulation. Your hand must offer sufficient pressure and rub the penis hard. Otherwise, you will not be able to lead him to climax.

No biting

 No biting

Men want you to suck the penis with your lips and enjoy the twirling movements of your tongue but don’t want to get bitten. Do not use your tongue during oral sex. Some women who are proficient at giving blowjob use their teeth gently to stimulate the penis further. Never press the teeth on his penis because it will hurt like hell. Unless you have been planning revenge, no biting allowed during blowjobs.

Be genuine

 Be genuine

A man takes great deal of pride in his penis and its abilities. So, if you are not really ready to offer blowjobs then tell that to him. Fake interest will make him feel unloved and frustrated. It will affect your relationship with him. If you are weary of the stinky smell of his penis then tell him that too. Encourage him to maintain hygiene for getting oral stimulation.

Men love blowjobs and oral stimulation, but ladies, they are scared of your nails and teeth. Be cautious and careful not to injure their manhood while making love.

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