Things to consider while having sex for conception

Accept it or not, but reproduction is one of the major objectives of sex or marriage for ages. There comes a phase (sooner or later) during a married or sex life of every couple when they decide to have a baby and grow their family to achieve the ultimate goal of their unification. Now the question arises, is there any difference between having sex for fun and having a baby? And, are there some special sex poses and positions for conception?


Once you make a decision to increase your family, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. If you think that a girl can get pregnant at any time during sex, then you badly need some appropriate information regarding sex for conception. Timing of sex or intercourse plays an important role while having sex for conception, which helps you manage or control the birth of your baby.

Usually couples have sex quite frequently, almost every day, to have a baby, which causes fatigue and disinterest in their sex life and they finally stop trying out for the baby. No matter, if you have sex throughout the month, but the fact is that a woman can conceive only three days in a month.

Many couples also have a misconception regarding sex poses or positions for conceiving a baby. Generally, sex positions don’t play much role in conceiving a baby, but sex poses that ensure ejaculation as close as possible to the cervix surely help in conceiving a baby. For long, there has been debate on which position is best for conceiving a baby.

Some supports missionary position, while other backs several other poses but none of them have a scientific logic to prove which one is best. So, it would be better to try your best position that suits you and your partner.

Some couples think that lying down flat after sex helps sperms better reach their destination. Though there has been continuous debate on this notion, but nothing is proved as yet.

You are at your best during sex when you reach orgasm, but does female orgasm really helps in conceiving. The answer is no, having baby has nothing to do with female orgasm. The research is not very clear but it is believed that female orgasm can give some boost to the sperm.

Personal lubricants should not be used when you are making sex for having a baby.

Unfortunately lubricants like Astroglide are not sperm friendly, therefore, shouldn’t be used at all. When couples strive to conceive for long, they may get frustrated and loose interest in sex. But one should understand that sex related problems are very common, especially when you are trying to concieve. So just keep you calm and continue trying.

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