Things you should know about sex once you are past 50

When you cross the age of 50 and enter into your fifties there are a lot of hormonal changes that your body undergoes as a woman. This is also the time when many women start getting less attracted to sex. Sometimes they even take a backseat or refrain from any sexual activity.

Although this is something that is very natural, it is not necessary that things should be this way. You can still have a great sex life even if you are in the fifties and have fun with your partner. To help you enjoy your sex life just as you did when you were in your twenties or thirties here are a few ways to help you regain your sexual interest.

Take it slow and enjoy the moment


Once your kids have grown up the responsibilities of waking up early to make sure that they are on time to school, preparing their lunch boxes and other such early morning chores no longer come into the picture. By taking things slow and letting it progress throughout the night you can enjoy satisfying and quality moments of being in bed with your partner. Instead of thinking about responsibilities, use this time to re-strengthen the bond that the two of u share.

Use lubricants to ease friction


Once you touch your fifties women are generally prone to menopause.During that time, it can be very uncomfortable to enjoy having sex. Vagina dryness is one of the most problem a woman experiences. This is because the Estrogen Levels in the body decreases after Menopause. To help you cope with the dryness you can use over the counter lubricants and even virginal moisturizers while you are having sex.

Talk about the fantasies or weird sexual desires that you ever had


The concept of being in a relationship or being married to someone is not only about kids, building a home or taking care of the family needs. As a human, we all have the chance sexual fantasies which may also be very weird.

Considering that you have spent your entire life by dedicating it to your roles and responsibilities it is now time to live your fantasies. Let your partner know the desires you ever had which were never fulfilled due to various reasons. In fact, you and your partner can even give it a try to Spice up your sexual life.

Do not stop having sex

Do not stop having sex

Apart from the sexual satisfaction, that you get by getting intimate with the person overall having sex is a good idea for your health and well being. Even studies point out that it is very important for a person to have sex on regular basis. Just because you have reached your 50’s, does not mean that you have to give up having a sexual life.

This is a great way to maintain your body even considering that you may be prone to various ailments, which can deprive you of too much of physical activity. Having sex with your partner is one of the easiest for you to stay healthy without overexerting yourself.

Eat foods that can boost your sexual life


Even in your diet, you can incorporate different food and ingredients that can help boost the want of sex. Garlic, chocolate, strawberries and other such nutritional and tasty foods are a great way to keep the natural urge alive.

Try out new things

weird sexual desires

As the saying goes- It is never too late to do anything. Well, the same is applicable here as well. To spice up your sex life, you can always try out new things like using sex toys, trying new positions or even indulging into something very crazy. Well, your days of giving up yourself and your needs are long gone and now it is time for you to live your life. Do not feel guilty about trying something new because you deserve it.

Plan dates to bring in the mood

surprises for one and other

The Golden age of the 50’s is a perfect time to relive your life once again. You and your partner can still keep the want to be with each other alive. Planning dates or surprises for one and other are not only a beautiful way to show that you still care. But it is also a perfect way to set the mood.

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