Three goals that Kamasutra helps you achieve

The Hindu religious books are discusses the four main goals of an individual’s life that is Dharma, Arth, Kama and Moksha. The three ways of achieving these goals are also mentioned that is Anushathan that stands for undertaking, the avabodha that is appreciation and lastly the Sampratipatti, which means achievement. Therefore in order to fulfill the goals of life adoption of these three means are very necessary. In Kama sutra, Vatsyana when discussing the purpose of the books stress on the goals of life. He said that a man with a sound mind must divide his life into three parts judiciously. The division of life judiciously means that a balances practice of religion, wealth and experiencing carnal pleasure. He should take care that the three aspects are well differentiated.

carnal education

In the Kamasutra Vatsyana says that during childhood the whole attention should be driven towards gaining carnal education. He then goes to say that youth is the ideal stage to experience carnal pleasure, as it is during that time that Om is mentally and physically fit to get intimate towards the opposite sex. During old age man should devote himself to the religion so as to achieve salvation.

Drama in Kamastura stands for religion. It has a metaphysical existence whose fruits are invisible. Yagya is what exactly religion is according to Kamsutra. The Kamasutra also holds within it the various paths of being attached to religion though rules in the scriptures and the guidance of polymaths.

Wealth does only stand for money. It also represents the accumulation of knowledge, gold, property and even cattle’s and cereals. The accumulation and the collection of wealth are necessary to improve the economic condition of life.

Enjoy with all the senses is what Kama is about. To experience light, sound, taste and smell and also the union of the mind and soul is what Kama deals with. Kama has been broadly classified into the general Kama and the special Kama.

materialistic pleasures related to sound, sight and smell

The general pleasure or the Samanya Kama is when the soul wants to experience superficial and materialistic pleasures related to sound, sight and smell. Vishesh Kama or special Kama. In Vishesh Kama there is a total involvement of the body. Unlike the general Kama where one can enjoy alone for the special Kama there is a requirement on a person of the opposite sex. In this it is the soul that enjoys and not the body.

Kamasutra thus emphasis about the mutual attraction between the male and the female. This instinct Vatsyana says is prevalent among both animals and birds equally. It teaches how a man and women can get engrossed in Kama and how they can coax. It talks of the aspects of external involvement and internal involvement when mating.

Thus the purpose of Kamasutra is deep and intense knowledge about the various goals in life and the ways to attain and channelize them.

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