Tips to feel more intimate with your partner after intercourse

Many sexologists consider the after-sex hours to be the best time for romantic bonding. Couples often distance themselves after having sex with each other. Most couples fall asleep after having sex without talking or fondling with each other. Some even turn on the TV, moments after having sex. Such behaviors can take serious toll on your intimacy.

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To keep romance alive in a relationship you will have to strive and utilize every opportunity for getting closer to your partner. You need not look into the eyes of your partner for hours without blinking or sweet talk but you must make them feel connected to you on a deeper and emotional level. During orgasms, hormones are released inside our body. These hormones create a feeling of sexual and emotional intimacy. Savor these moments of togetherness to heighten the feeling of intimacy and strengthening the connection.

Subtle ways are more helpful in making your partner realize the importance of togetherness after sex. Give him or her caring neck massage after having a fulfilling session of sex. It is natural to feel hungry after a hardcore round of sex. Instead of ordering Chinese or pizza, try relishing red wine and cheese for a change. Eat chocolate dipped strawberries and other aphrodisiac foods that can get you back in mood. Wine makes your blood flow increase and helps you relax. A soothing foot or neck massage during this period will feel like heaven.


Do not turn away from your partner for having an after-sex nap. Instead, wrap your legs around him and hold him close to you while sleeping. This will help in creating feelings of intimacy between you and your partner. Before you start having sex, you should turn off the television and cell phones. Couples should not run in opposite directions in a hurry after sex.

If you have sex during the day then take a break from work or postpone work for a few hours to be with your partner. If you leave in a hurry after sex then your partner’s feelings may get hurt and they might feel used. Relish the togetherness and hold the one you love close to your heart.


Sexual intimacy is not just about intercourse. It is also about caressing, fondling and holding your partner before and after the intercourse. Spend some time together after you have sex to increase the level of intimacy in your relationship.

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