Tips to increase your sexual stamina

Like food, water and air to breathe, we also need sex for staying happy and healthy. For a healthy sex life, you need sexual stamina. Most people are unaware about the concept of sexual stamina and the importance of enhancing it with regular activities. Sexual stamina is an aspect of your health that is often neglected. As a result, both men and women are unable to enjoy sex as much as they should and fail to give satisfaction to their partner.


Different people have different levels of sex drive. If your partner is demanding in the bedroom then you should be able to match their level of libido. For this, you will have to improve your sexual stamina. You can enhance your sexual stamina through some easy ways.

Some people make the mistake of associating sex only with intercourse. Vaginal intercourse may be the main part of sexual interaction between a man and woman but there is a lot more to sex than just that. Explore the erogenous zones of your partner and find out their most sensitive spots.


Extend the period of foreplay and try to enjoy the pleasure of touch. Use your nails, fingertips, breath, feet and hair for touching, caressing and fondling. People who enjoy foreplay for a longer period have more sexual stamina than others do. Try new ways of pleasuring your man or woman without vaginal intercourse. Oral stimulation, foot rub and sexy massage can do wonders for romantic couples.

Another great way for enhancing the sexual stamina is to practice breathing exercises. When you are on the verge of having an orgasm, you should consciously slow down your breathing. By delaying your orgasm, you will be able to enjoy sex better. Sexual stamina helps in prolonged enjoyment of fornication. It is not about climaxing fast. You should relish the journey to the climax more. Use your different body parts for pleasuring your partner.


Try Yoga and other exercises for better sexual health. You should work out for an hour everyday for five days a week for better sex drive and sexual stamina. The kegel exercises are good for improving your sexual stamina because it makes you contract and relax the abdominal muscles. Drink a lot of water and maintain a healthy diet for good sexual health. Stay away from too much smoking and drinking if you want to have sexual stamina.


Sexual stamina lets you enjoy love making for longer period. It helps you satisfy your partner. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and lifestyle can help you enhance your sexual stamina.

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