Tips for men who want to save their marriage

Marital problems can change the course of your life and force you to alter your plans. In every conjugal relationship, problems occur but it is in your hands to solve these problems and change the demographic of your relationship with your spouse. Disinterest in sex or sexual dissatisfaction can make your wife irritable and frustrated


Sexologists and psychologists have found that the root cause of most marital problems is a dissatisfactory or insipid sex life. As a husband, you can do a lot to change the circumstances and bring back her libido from the pit it has suddenly fallen. Do not lose your confidence and control over your sex life. You can single-handedly solve the marital problems if you keep patience and be persistent in the right way.


There may have been a lot of outcry regarding male and female equality but every woman secretly desires a man who acts like a leader and demands sex. Do not be meek, mild and humble. Being too tolerant and offering too much space to your wife may have lead to the catastrophe that your marriage is facing at present. Slowly and steadily start acting in a more commanding and confident manner. Seduce her once more and show her your more dominating streak. This does not mean that you should disrespect her wishes and act like a total jerk. Be the man your wife wants to romance and rise in her eyes.

 Young married couple in bed having sex

Sex drive depends a lot on emotional wellbeing and stability. Find out, if your wife has an emotional stress. Good communication and spending quality time together can solve most of the problems that couples face. Remember that she is the same woman you fell in love with and keep faith in the relationship. Do not let small issues stand in the way. Show her a good time by taking her out. Arrange everything beforehand and hire a good baby-sitter if you two have young kids.

Wining and dining a woman never fails to please her and after some time, she may start pouring her heart to you. Physical problems can also act as impediments in the way of complete sexual satisfaction. Take your wife to a good physician and be supportive during the treatments. True regards for your spouse will definitely help you in saving your marriage.


Marriages may be made in heaven but to build them both the husband and wife have to work hard. A man must act like a man and a leader to impress and woo his wife once again.

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